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the anything

Move like a startup.
Work like an enterprise.

The world of work is constantly expanding, evolving, innovating. But today’s organizations aren’t. Because closed silos and rigid hierarchies limit their employees to just one thing.

Gloat transforms your onething workforce into the anything workforce. Our Talent Marketplace frees you to shift talent and skills around at any moment, regardless of job title, department, or location. And it puts your employees in control of their own careers. It’s complete workforce agility – where your people and your business can achieve absolutely anything.

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Make anything possible

Talent Agility
Career Agility
Organizational agility
Hiring Agility

Talent agility

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Find and shift
any skill

Move talent and skills anywhere, on the fly. Assemble teams for newly launched initiatives. Adapt your workforce to your ever-changing needs – completely on demand.

Career agility

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Help them pursue any path

Empower your workforce to develop new skills, find exciting new opportunities, and build their dream career on their terms.


Organizational Agility

Adapt to any challenge

See where your company stands today and where it’s headed tomorrow, so you find and fill organizational gaps and make sound strategic plans for the future.

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Hiring Agility

Recruit from any channel

Put all the right people in all the right places using a single pool of both external and internal talent, so you close the demand gap faster and meet business goals sooner.

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See what your
organization is made of

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Gloat is giving us visibility into both the skills and passions we have within the organization. Things managers might not have known because they couldn’t see it

Patricia Frost, CHRO, Seagate Technology

Match talent supply
to business demand

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[Gloat] has helped us just in the last year to re-prioritize 500,000 worker hours towards more than 3,000 business critical projects

Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever

Let your
people grow

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With Gloat, we’ve handed over the keys to our people and empowered them to drive their own careers

Jean Pelletier, VP, Digital Talent Transformation, Schneider Electric

Keep employees
engaged and invested

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Who wouldn’t want to work in an organization that enables talent development and talent acceleration through a platform like Gloat?

Laurel Catlett-King, VP Talent at Nestle

The enterprises you know are going from one thing to anything

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Schneider Electric

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Welcome to the Anything Workforce


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First Abu Dhabi Bank

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Behold, the power
of anything

Gloat gets its powers from highly advanced neural networks, trained to identify the unique skills and abilities of your employees in real time and instantly match them with your ever-changing needs across the entire enterprise.

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