DevSecOps Engineer

Tel Aviv · Senior

About The Position

Gloat is a revolutionary startup based in New York and Tel Aviv. Our pioneering Internal Talent Marketplace has disrupted the HR Tech industry and is now powering some of the world’s largest, and most innovative companies in their journey of becoming future-ready workforces. If HR tech, career development, and the future of work are issues you care about – you’re in for a crazy ride.

We are a fast-growing and dynamic startup with 150+  team members between our offices in Tel Aviv and New York City. We value collaboration and innovative thinking. We’re looking for bright, driven, and passionate people to grow with us.


As a DevOps Engineer at Gloat, you will be part of a newly formed dynamic DevOps team not being limited to a single job, but rather working across all areas of the R&D team including multi-cloud, security, databases and anything ad hoc. You will have the freedom to explore and implement the newest technologies. You will work with some of the best and friendliest people, not to mention the smartest! You will learn new things every minute of every day and constantly be challenged. There will not be a single boring moment of work but the opposite; exciting, motivating and stimulating. The DevOps team has the honour and responsibility to support some of the biggest enterprise clients in the world. What are you waiting for? Come help mold and structure one of the core, fundamental teams of R&D and Gloat.


  • 3 + years DevOps experience
  • Proven CI/CD implementation experience
  • Experience implementing services in one of the big clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.)
  • Experience with a complete programming language (Python, Java, Go, Ruby, etc.)
  • Scripting and automation skills (Bash, Python, etc.) .
  • Strong background knowledge in Linux Administration.
  • Ability to easily and seamlessly context-switch
  • Strong networking skills
  • Experience configuration/automation tools such as Ansible, Terraform, etc. 
  • Experience with Kubernetes cluster configuration.


  • Monitoring/Logging experience (ELK, Grafana, Prometheus, etc.)
  • Microservice architecture implementation experience
  • Containerisation experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Strong Database skills (MySQL)
  • Experience with distributed queues (Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc.)
  • Strong Security skills: server hardening, benchmarking and pentesting.
  • Strong networking and security skills and understanding: Routing, Transit GW, Firewall, WAF, ALB, k8s service mesh.
  • Deep understanding of IAM Policies and cloud access controls.
  • SSO and SAML knowledge.

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