When company and career goals meet

Recruit talent within your organization to fill open positions. Harness your employees’ career goals to satisfy your business needs.

Help employees discover their next position internally

It should be easier for an employee to find their next role internally rather than externally, but it rarely is. With our internal mobility job marketplace, employees can easily discover the next chapter of their careers within your organization, guided by a powerful AI algorithm that delivers personalized recommendations based on skills, experience, and career aspirations.

Find and groom internal talent

Our internal talent platform gives HR and managers the ability to instantly surface internal candidates for a role, compare internal and external candidates, and build internal talent pipelines and succession plans. Improve employee retention, advance more careers, reduce time to hire, and eliminate recruitment and onboarding costs by taking an internal candidate-first approach to recruiting.

Increase engagement and improve retention

With exciting internal career options easily available to employees on the internal marketplace, fewer employees leave to seek opportunities elsewhere. They are able to take on new challenges within their current company, and your organization secures a workforce of dedicated, satisfied, and engaged employees.

Reduce hiring time

Our technology lets managers fill open positions faster, utilizing the skills of employees already well-versed in company structure and culture. With the entire organization’s talent at managers’ fingertips, staffing is speedier and boasts higher rates of employee success and satisfaction.

Explore more solutions

Connect employees to short-term projects outside of their job descriptions. Bolster organizational agility, unlock hidden talent and increase engagement.

Utilize advanced AI to build relationships across hierarchies and generations, taking hopes and aspirations into account, not just professional experience.

Future-proof your company from impending skill gaps and strategic vacancies with increased visibility, low-latency tracking, and actionable succession plans.

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Let's get acquainted

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