Diversity starts with inclusion.

Give each and every employee an equal opportunity to grow their career. Gloat’s AI helps you mitigate bias, democratize career development, and make your organization a name that employees are proud to work for. 

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  • Give everyone visibility into career development opportunities, so they are no longer only accessible to a privileged few
  • Unlock your workforce’s full potential by enabling managers to see your people for who they truly are and tap into hidden talent pools 
  • Strengthen your employer brand by setting your business apart as a workplace that is leading the charge to drive lasting change

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Democratize your workforce

Take bias out of the equation

All too often, latent biases prevent under-represented groups from getting equal access to career opportunities. Talent marketplaces flip the script by giving everyone a truly fair shot.

See your people for their potential

Increasing visibility goes both ways. Employees see the wealth of opportunities that are available to them and managers uncover hidden talent that will take your business to the next level.

Harness ethical AI

Our platform has multiple safeties built in to ensure insights and recommendations aren’t hindered by systemic bias. There are also tools and datasets that your Diversity Officers can utilize to ensure no one is overlooked or underrepresented.

The talent marketplace is an enormous opportunity for D&I. We’re creating an inclusive environment where we can get a diversity of thoughts from a variety of different people, and introduce them into the projects we run.

Watson Stewart

See Gloat in action

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