Internal mobility,
the 2021 way

Gloat’s Talent Marketplace enables enterprises to mobilize employees across the organization and match them to roles, projects, and mentorship programs that are aligned with their career ambitions – as well as with the needs of the business.

Request a demo to learn how Gloat can help you:
↪ Enable employees to find their next position, project, or mentor internally
↪ Develop talent in the flow of work through internal work opportunities
↪ Maximize your workforce potential and unlock capacity

Gloat provides us with a new way of developing people, ultimately unlocking potential and increasing productivity

Tanuj Kapilashrami
HR Group Head, Standard Chartered Bank

The best in every industry choose Gloat

The Talent Marketplace has arrived

Upskilling in the
flow of work

Gloat matches employees to internal projects and mentorships that help them build critical skills through experience, streamlined seamlessly into their day-to-day. 

Democratized opportunities

Gloat makes career development accessible for every individual in the organization, eliminating bias and ensuring every employee is included.

Agile talent

Gloat enables companies to act fast. It takes a few seconds to know where talent should be headed, and just a few more seconds to deploy it.

Skills visibility

Put the unknown behind. Gloat empowers leaders to gain immediate visibility to the availability of skills and talent in the organization to ensure it’s always ready.

The future of work, today

Introduce modern ways of work in a speedy, natural manner. Gloat helps enterprises to move as fast as startups, turning bounding silos and hierarchies into an agile, collaborative workforce.

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