Going Hybrid:
How Leading Enterprises are Redesigning Careers for a New World of Work

An exclusive conversation with Josh Bersin and guests

As we emerge post-pandemic, businesses are having to adapt to an entirely new hybrid work reality that may change the way we think about talent management forever. 

But beyond the headlines and buzzwords, what trends should business and HR leaders actually care about as they set their strategy for the hybrid work reality?

And what new models and best practices will we need to adapt to engage and retain talent in an increasingly competitive talent market?

Join us for this exclusive event facilitated by industry thought leader Josh Bersin, in which he will share his insights alongside pioneering leaders in enterprises that are evolving and adapting to new ways of work with the talent marketplace at the center.

Markus Graf
Global Head of Talent

Jean Pelletier
VP, Digital Talent Transformation

Keegan Bowman
AVP, Skills and Performance

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