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The world is changing fast and organizations must make quick decisions to keep up. Luckily, there’s no longer a trade-off between speed and accuracy. Gloat gives you visibility into your workforce’s capabilities so you can pivot rapidly without sacrificing precision, quality, or your bottom line.

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  • Redeploy talent quickly and accurately by providing instant visibility into your workforce’s skills, aspirations, and availability
  • Seize business opportunities as they arise with perfectly-assembled project teams that you can deploy instantaneously 
  • Provide full visibility into your workforce’s capabilities and capacity so that you can leverage what you already have, maximize revenue, and deliver superior results quickly


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Work smarter, not harder

Minimize inefficiencies with complete visibility

Get a clear picture of your employees’ skills, availability, and aspirations so that you can avoid wasting time and budgets tracking down resources that you already have. 

Better, stronger, faster

Once you have visibility into capacities and capabilities, use Gloat to quickly connect your people to the projects, gigs, and full-time roles that arise as business priorities. 

Don’t Lose Sight of What Matters Most

Top talent is a commodity, especially in today’s labor market. Pique your employees’ interests with new projects that empower them to grow with your organization– letting you sidestep the steep costs associated with disengagement and burnout.

Why Gloat

Our internal talent marketplace has helped us just in the last year to re-prioritize 500,000 worker hours towards more than 3,000 business critical projects, and redeploy over 3,000 during the pandemic.

Alan Jope

See Gloat in action

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