Feel like winning the war for talent?

The tightening labor market has put the power in your employees’ hands. The same old retention efforts will no longer cut it; now, it’s time to step up and show your people why your organization is the best place for them to grow their careers. 

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  • Show your people personalized development opportunities within your company to fuel growth and loyalty
  • Craft actionable career paths for each and every employee, fostering diversity and making your employee’s career ambitions come true – within your company
  • Strengthen your employer brand by setting your business apart as a workplace that is leading the charge committed to helping every individual achieve their goals


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Don’t fall victim to the
turnover tsunami

Give employees a reason to choose your business

People won’t stay for opportunities they can’t see. Leverage your talent marketplace to highlight the innovations and projects that brought your people to you in the first place, and demonstrate that there are plenty of exciting opportunities to come.

Let everyone see their future

Employees often think it’s easier to grow their careers by switching jobs, so it’s up to you to prove that’s not the case. With career pathing tools, they can chart their own journeys and see how they can grow with your organization.

Send the right message

Actions speak louder than words. Don’t just tell your employees that you care about their growth; show them by implementing a talent marketplace that enables them to explore new opportunities and fulfill their professional goals. 

Why Gloat

We always said the employee is empowered to drive their own career but for a long time, we weren’t actually enabling it, and that’s where Gloat has really helped us. Now we’re able to put our money where our mouth is.

Jean Pelletier

See Gloat in action

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