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We’re living in a fast-paced world and we need to learn fast to keep up. Reading about skills isn’t going to cut it; your people need hands-on experience to efficiently bridge knowledge gaps and level up their expertise. 

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  • Design dynamic and personalized development plans for hands-on learning
  • Build actionable career paths for each and every employee
  • Match employees to internal roles, projects, and mentorships within the company to fuel growth and engagement

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Bring your upskilling strategy into the future

Hands-on upskilling

Career pathing tools make it easy for employees to bridge skills gaps and participate in opportunities that align with both their personal goals and the needs of your business.

Customized experiential learning

Let your people choose the skills they want to develop, build their knowledge with hands-on opportunities, and round out their experience by accessing courses through our seamless integrations with the world’s leading learning platforms.

Feedback to fuel growth

Your employees aren’t going to get every internal opportunity they apply for; but they’re always going to walk away with feedback to help them bridge skills gaps and point them in the right direction.

We have listened to what our colleagues are telling us around career progression, development opportunities and employee experience and have brought in a solution that offers upskilling and reskilling opportunities, while for the business, making it easier to deploy the right people to the right opportunities

Tanuj Kapilashram

See Gloat in action

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