Career Agility

Put your employees in the driver’s seat

Gloat empowers your people with the visibility, access, and tools to build a career on their terms, so they can push both themselves and your company forward.

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Give them visibility

Expose your people to the world of opportunities around them, so that instead of looking outside of your company, they can find their ideal next step within.

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Let them chart their path

Help your people build their dream careers. Not with traditional paths that become obsolete by the time they are deployed, but with a  dynamic career pathing approach that adapts with your people, and your business.

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We’re giving people a view to the possibilities. To be able to say, these are the skills I have, these are the skills I aspire to build, where in the organization can I go using my skills as fuel? That’s much more valuable than having a perfectly planned out linear career path.

Keegan Bowman

AVP of Skills and Performance

Help them grow through experience

We all know the 70-20-10 rule, but we haven’t had a solution to apply it at scale… until now. With Gloat, you can connect your people to the best opportunities to truly develop their skills and grow with hands-on experience – from projects to full-time roles to job shadowing and more. So they can gain the skills they need to pursue any path.

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Empower them with knowledge

Growth can come in many forms, so we help your people augment their hands-on experience with connections to Mentors and Learning to create a 360-degree development solution. Any expert, any experience, always just a few clicks way.

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Gloat will allow FAB to break down silos across the organization and provide employees with an actionable, diverse, and personalized career climbing wall designed around their ambitions, enabling growth opportunities beyond a job description

Kathryn Wilton

SVP, Performance and Talent Management

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