Hiring Agility

A one-stop shop for talent

Find and activate the right talent from a single, global talent pool. Smart matching prioritizes internal talent, but simultaneously unlocks external and contingent sources so you can access the most relevant candidates for you, wherever they may be.

The right talent, from any source

As we’ve proven with the world’s leading enterprises, almost any skills and capabilities can be found within a company’s existing talent. But as the world continues to evolve and industries continue to shift, the need to diversify, expand, and broaden our talent pools will be more important than ever. That’s why we leverage our industry-leading AI and our deep understanding of the work within leading enterprises to connect all of your talent sources seamlessly. So you can hire the right talent for the right work, from any source.

Dive into your talent pool

Chances are, you already have access to the talent you need, right within your own organization. Your people know your business best, and are just waiting for an opportunity to shine in their next role. Whatever new position may open, with Gloat you can be sure you’ll find the right person for the job already working for you – and reposition them just as easily.

Our partnership with Gloat leverages AI-enabled technology to disrupt the way we develop talent and staff teams up in a flexible way, ultimately unlocking capacity and growth.

Jean Pelletier

HR & Digital Transformations Executive, HR Technology Influencer, Change Agent

Hire for anything

Whether it’s projects, gigs, part time jobs or full time positions, Gloat allows you to hire for anything, and to create new contexts for openings, letting your business needs dictate what the hiring process will look like, and not the other way around.

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