Organizational Agility

Adapt in real time with immediate insights

Gloat maps the talent and skills within your organization in real time – and identifies the gaps between them. Reallocate talent at will, tap into unrealized capabilities, futureproof your leadership bench, and know what you’re truly capable of, at any moment.

Understand what your workforce is capable of

Your workforce is capable of more than the predefined roles you’ve hired them for. With real-time organizational analytics and insights into distribution and allocation of skills and talent, you can give your employees the chance to think big, step up, and tackle the company’s strategic needs where their skillsets are needed most – regardless of job descriptions. 

Uncover your organization’s future leaders

By democratizing internal opportunities and raising the visibility of all of your employees, regardless of their background or position, Gloat makes your company’s future leaders accessible like never before. Tap into the candidates you’ve always wanted to reach but never could, and get your organization future-ready with the most diverse and relevant talent available.

Gloat is giving us visibility into both the skills and passions we have within the organization. Things managers might not have known because they couldn’t see it

Patricia Frost

CHRO, Seagate Technology

Organize talent

As markets and business needs change, so do your business units, departments and goals – but that doesn’t have to mean layoffs and new hires. Your existing workforce is already fully capable of tackling new problems and paradigms; all it needs is the ability to reorganize in light of them. Quickly identify your employees’ skills, aspirations, and capacity, and assemble the perfect project teams instantly to capture business opportunities as they arise.

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How to Thrive Through the Great Resignation?

We have gathered exclusive insights from the founder of Deloitte's Future of Work practice on how to succeed during the Turnover Tsunami

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