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Align talent to business priorities, fast.

Gloat uncovers the skills and aspirations that exist within your organization today, so you can align the right talent to the right priorities to make anything possible.

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The Gloat solution finds matches for specific roles in 15 seconds or less compared to three or four weeks

Andrew Saidy

HR & Digital Transformations Leader

Gain complete skills visibility

Gloat’s powerful AI ingests and analyzes existing data sources like employment records, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles to understand your employee’s experience in seconds. And our incredible engagement and profile completion rates allow us to get a richer view of your employees than ever before, giving you complete visibility into the untapped skills and capabilities of your people.

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See where your people want to go next

Matching talent to the right opportunities isn’t just about seeing skills from the past, but about understanding aspirations for the future. Gloat uncovers your people’s goals and ambitions so you can connect them to the right projects, roles and people to ignite their passions and drive impact.

Align people to business priorities at speed

Deliver business outcomes by connecting skills, aspirations, and capacity to the right projects and roles to drive impact. Fast. Gloat’s consumer-grade platform and purpose-built AI ensure that your managers find exactly the right people for the right needs. And that your employees get access to the right opportunities to inspire their very best work.

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Gloat accelerates the speed at which we find and deploy talent in the places where it matters most.

Watson Stewart

Head, Talent Solutions, Standard Chartered Bank

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Let's get acquainted

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