Break Down Organizational Silos

Your workforce, unleashed

With work going hybrid and remote, organizations must ensure their agility and flexibility remain. Gloat breaks down silos to enhance the connections between all members of your company, guaranteeing collaboration and innovation persist.

A world of opportunities beyond the core team

Gloat lets employees see a world of opportunities inside the organization that’s not limited to their team or department. Through the Talent Marketplace, interactions with colleagues from all corners of the business become easy, rewarding – and commonplace. Departments and teams are no longer captives of local conceptions, and everyone benefits from fresh perspectives.

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A workforce without borders

Organizational silos aren’t the only limiting frameworks Gloat breaks down. The Talent Marketplace helps individuals see past geographies and cultures, and easily form international teams based on organizational needs alone.

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“Gloat helps us break bureaucracy and silos, and makes the process of applying for career experiences more democratic, more self-service, and more agile ."
Mislem Sabag
People Services Lead, Walmart

No barrier to opportunity

Gloat flattens hierarchies and organizational structures, letting your employees fly past traditional organizational barriers and easily get to the heart of the opportunities they need most to grow.

Whether it’s the project they needed to develop professionally, the perspective and guidance of the perfect mentor, or a chance to shine by bringing their unique skill set to the forefront – our platform doesn’t let rigid preconceptions get in the way of your and your employees’ success.


A new operating system for work

Can there be “work without jobs”? HR thought leaders Ravin Jesuthasan and Dr. John Boudreau think so, and talk about this exciting new talent-centric concept in an exclusive Gloat webinar.

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