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Become your employees’ growth partner

Great organizations grow when their employees grow along with them. Gloat lets you become a partner in your employees’ growth process, outfitting them with everything they need to become their best professional selves, simultaneously boosting their engagement and alignment with company goals.

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Own career-building

Empower your employees to build their careers on their own terms, based on their skills and aspirations. Gloat’s powerful AI learns and parses employment records, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles in seconds, and provides valuable insights into the possibilities your employees’ future can hold.

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aEmployee Development

The ultimate career roadmap

Connect employees with the mentors, projects, and learning opportunities that they need to network, gain exposure, and upskill toward their next role. Map where they are, where they’d like to go, and what they – and you – need to do to get there. With professional development and career pathing tools that tie into internal opportunities, help your employees keep a finger on the pulse of what the company values most.

A new approach to leadership

Develop your next generation of leaders from within, by exposing employees to more of the business and empowering them to take on new challenges.

Gloat clears up the clutter and offers the most relevant options to accelerate growth and leadership creation, from short-term projects, through mentorships and all the way to full time positions, taking career paths, aspirations, skills, and your succession planning all into account.

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David Green: The role of people analytics and AI in improving the employee experience

David Green explores how work is changing and the latest trends and case studies of companies who are using AI to support talent agility and life-long learning.

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