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Be the company people stay for

Hiring the right employees is only half the battle. Great employees crave development, meaning and independence. Gloat lets you offer your workforce a wide range of career opportunities, and guarantee your company continues to be the best place for them to grow.

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You have the opportunities -
now make sure they’re seen

Your company may be doing the most interesting things in the world, but that doesn’t always translate to your employees’ experience. With Gloat, you can be confident your people are continually exposed to the opportunities, innovations and projects that brought them to you in the first place, and that employees who are itching for something new will always have a place to go – without having to leave you to find it.

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Create, retain and develop an engaged workforce

For employees, working in a Gloat-powered company means they get to see a tangible future for themselves within the organization. Rooted in their personal skills and aspirations, our platform provides employees with the agency to make career-defining decisions and future plans within your company, matching them to growth opportunities from roles, to projects, and mentorships. This creates a highly engaged workforce that will stay with you for the long run.

Let your people know you’re serious about them

Actions always speak louder than words. No matter how often you tell your employees you’re dedicated to their growth and to their future, implementing a Talent Marketplace is the clearest message you can send to show you take your people seriously. Investing in Gloat means investing in your people’s development, in their careers, and in an environment that sees them all as high-potential superstars. Let your people know that you’re committed to making them the heroes of their own stories.

“Who wouldn’t want to work in an organization that enables talent development and talent acceleration through a platform like Gloat”
Laurel Catlett King Vice President Talent
Laurel Catlett-King
Vice President, Talent
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How Schneider Electric launched an AI-powered internal Talent Marketplace

50% of employees who left Schneider stated that their reason for leaving was a lack of visibility and access to career opportunities. Download the detailed case study to learn how Schneider Electric created an AI-powered open talent marketplace to bridge this gap.

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