Reducing costs

Impact bottom lines

Gloat saves you time and money on looking outwards, enabling you to best utilize your existing workforce in new ways, across hierarchies, locations, and organizational silos – while reducing waste on turnover and cutting down costs.

Reducing Costs

Know what you have, see what you need

The visibility Gloat provides you translates directly into bottom lines. By giving you a clear picture of employees’ skills, availability, and aspirations, our platform ensures you don’t waste time and budgets tracking down resources you already have access to – and lets you fill in critical vacancies within seconds.

Reducing Costs
Reducing Costs

Act fast, at scale

Gloat helps you move fast, with precision. Once you have visibility into the capabilities of your workforce, and the people who can leverage them best – Gloat presents you with actionable suggestions, connecting them to everything from projects, to mentors and full time roles. With Gloat, execution becomes faster, more accurate, and simpler than ever before.

Hold on to what matters

Good employees are hard to come by – and in today’s market, they’re even harder to hold on to. By engaging your workforce with new and interesting types of work, and catering to employees’ developmental goals, Gloat boosts engagement and loyalty, drastically reducing both voluntary turnover and burnout – and the steep costs that come with them.

Reducing Costs

How Schneider Electric launched an AI-powered internal Talent Marketplace

50% of employees who left Schneider stated that their reason for leaving was a lack of visibility and access to career opportunities. Download the detailed case study to learn how Schneider Electric created an AI-powered open talent marketplace to bridge this gap.

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