Speed to market

Get there faster

Whatever new initiative you’re planning, Gloat lets you recognize talent opportunities and underutilized capacity, and tap them at a moment’s notice for new projects and roles. Whatever the need – Gloat gets you there faster.

See capabilities instantly

Gloat allows executives and managers unmediated access to their workforce, opening up brand new possibilities. Whether it’s instantly locating the talent and skills you need to finally get that planned project off the ground, or filling that long-standing open position, Gloat lets you cut to the chase within seconds, so all that’s left is for you is decision-making.

Speed to market
Cindy Finnigan

Uninterrupted visibility

So you’ve prioritized a project; now get it out there, and make sure everyone’s included. Gloat ensures your projects are seen across the entire workforce, bias-free. Create diversified teams, enjoy fresh perspectives, and make sure your company’s vision is brought to life – both from the business, and culture sides.

Redeploy at will

Once you’ve seen your options and tapped the right talent for the right job, Gloat lets you assemble the teams you need without any fuss. Reallocating your talent and resources becomes as simple as pressing a button – and saves you time, money, and energy on what used to be long, arduous HR processes.

Speed to Market

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Let's get acquainted

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