Talent & Skills Visibility

A clearer view into your workforce

Know exactly which skills and talent are available at any given moment, and how to best leverage them. Gloat empowers your organization with real-time insights on the supply and demand of skills, so you can respond to impending gaps and trends, inform your critical workforce decisions, and ensure you’re always prepared.

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Know your company

Whether it’s the distribution of skills throughout your organization, the number of people capable of carrying out specific tasks, or real-time demand for capabilities across the company, Gloat lets you know exactly what – and who – you’re working with. Monitor, track and reallocate your workforce based on organically generated, continually updated data at any scale, and rest assured that no matter what curveball the market throws at you, you have the insight and visibility to meet it head on.

״Gloat’s technology delivers real results to global enterprises, allowing them to quickly reallocate resources and increase workforce agility.״
Lars Dalgaard
Founder and former CEO, SAP SuccessFactors
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Know what you’re missing

Every workforce has gaps; but to successfully bridge them, they need to be recognized and defined. Gloat lets you easily identify gaps in skills and talent within your organization, see what you’re missing and act on it right away, With actionable talent insights, at any scale, you can easily implement smarter upskilling, planning, recruiting and more, shortening precious reaction times and ensuring you’re prepared for whatever comes next.

Know where you’re going

Gloat lets you understand trends in your work and your workforce, and gain meaningful understanding of everything from what types of projects and initiatives are increasingly coming up, to which skills and employee profiles are experiencing increased or decreased demand internally, to distributions of skills across geographies. Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization, and make adjustments in real time to make sure you get where you want to go.

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