Upskilling & Reskilling

The power of
real-world upskilling

The skills that power enterprises are constantly evolving. To ensure your employees stay in the lead, Gloat makes upskilling a part of their everyday reality through internal experiences, skill gap analysis, valuable feedback, and contextual learning.

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Hands on upskilling

Gloat lets users create and maintain dynamic development plans with the help of our career pathing tools – and then provides highly personalized suggestions for internal experiences and growth opportunities to bridge skill gaps along that path. Employees can easily see where they stand and what they are missing to reach the next chapter of their career – and employers can make sure those opportunities align with the needs of the business as a whole.

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Tailor-made experiential learning

Gloat is driven by employees’ aspirations. Your people are empowered to map out the skills they would like to develop – and our seamless integration with the world’s leading learning platforms allows them to round out whatever internal development opportunities they pursue with the courses and learning materials that are most relevant to them, for both immediate and future goals.

Feedback to act on

Applicants don’t always get the internal upskilling experiences they apply for – but even when they get rejected, Gloat ensures that experience becomes a positive growth opportunity on its own. Feedback for rejected candidates organically specifies which skills and experiences were missing – and the platform leverages that to suggest the most relevant LMS/LXP courses, as well as other possible internal opportunities, for them to get back on track.

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How to reskill your workforce 

According to Gartner, 70% of HR leaders say their TOP priority for 2021 is reskilling. The problem? They’re struggling to know what skills they need now and in the future, and use old ways to hit the goals of tomorrow. What can you do about it? We listed it all in our new paper.

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