Mentorship & Networking

Build relationships that matter

Utilize AI to bring employees together at scale across hierarchies and generations. Create new learning relationships based on more than just professional experience.

Artificial intelligence, organic relationships

Gloat’s AI-powered mentoring programs create holistic matches by taking the entirety of the skills, career aspirations, development goals, and career paths of participants into consideration – not just their current positions in the company. The result is immediate access to high impact learning relationships at every employee’s fingertips, promising the creation of meaningful, constructive ties between members of your organization, regardless of their place in it.

Non-intuitive matching

Gloat’s advanced organizational mapping ensures that candidates for mentorship programs are suggested based on their overall career paths and professional trajectories, and are selected from across the entire company, unlimited by silos, organizational structure or hierarchy. Gloat connects the dots that other processes miss, and lets you reap the rewards.

Cross organizational, cross generational

Gloat’s AI allows you to cross organizational, hierarchical and generational divides with ease, enabling unique insights and better communication within the company as a whole. Drawing on a global, unified pool of candidates, traditional, reverse, and peer mentorship programs allow employees to find the right match for them, no matter what they’re looking for or where they might be.

How to reskill your workforce

According to Gartner, 70% of HR leaders say their TOP priority for 2021 is reskilling. But companies are squandering their most important asset – experienced employees – in favor of external solutions. What can you do about it? We listed it all in our new whitepaper.

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How to Thrive Through the Great Resignation?

We have gathered exclusive insights from the founder of Deloitte's Future of Work practice on how to succeed during the Turnover Tsunami

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