Align your talent to business needs

Tap into qualified talent on demand, retain and deploy critical skills, and put employees in the driver’s seat of their careers—by providing them with a marketplace of opportunity to continuously develop and grow.


Fill roles faster with qualified talent

Break down silos and match people to opportunities anywhere in your organization. Tap into a strong candidate pool immediately, and help employees find roles suited to their unique skills, experiences, and aspirations—all within your company.

Fill roles faster with qualified talent compressed


Build a dynamic workforce

Work comes at you fast—spin up cross-functional teams, backfill critical work, launch new initiatives, or respond quickly with projects and gigs. And meanwhile, Gloat’s talent marketplace equips your employees with on-the-job learning and continuous development opportunities.


Foster meaningful relationships for growth

Use skill, role, interest, and goal-based data to connect employees across your organization to collaborate, connect, and grow. Provide the personal, real-life context and relationships needed to supplement development and learning.


Put employees in charge of their careers

Help employees discover the world of career possibilities that exist across your organization. Provide personalized career paths suited to their goals, experience, and interests. Chart a path to any role, and map out the steps and skill gaps to support employees to reach their goals.


Unlock the potential of your teams

Give managers visibility into the skill strengths of their employees and insight on skill gaps or competencies
that need work. Support them with tools to provide meaningful and continuous feedback to each
team member.

Unlock the potential of your teams new
Define your own employee experience new comp


Define your own employee experience

By connecting to a variety of third-party systems, Gloat makes it easy to curate diverse sets of growth opportunities for every employee. Customize your marketplace to become a single development hub with unparalleled flexibility—and even richer data.


Make a plan to stay ahead

Find the right candidates for your most critical roles. Understand possible skill gaps, and use the marketplace to prepare successors so they’re ready to take charge when the time comes.

Make a plan to stay ahead 1

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How to Thrive Through the Great Resignation?

We have gathered exclusive insights from the founder of Deloitte's Future of Work practice on how to succeed during the Turnover Tsunami

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