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Developing tomorrow’s
talent starts today

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to employee development. Each person brings unique skills and interests to your organization. Gloat lets you empower them to grow within your business—not outside of it.

Put employees into the driver's seat

When it comes to career development, your people deserve the panoramic view. They need to know which opportunities can help them achieve their long-term goals, and understand what skills they need to build. Gloat’s Career Pathing lets employees explore multiple development paths, pick an aspirational future, and identify opportunities that will help them build the skills they need to get there.

Give your people the tools they need

Strictly vertical career ladders are becoming rare, and employees aspire to portfolios of growth opportunities. Gloat puts projects and gigs in context so employees can understand how opportunities align with their career goals and your business needs. By pairing full visibility into priority projects with coaching, course, mentoring, and volunteering, Gloat equips your employees with all the tools they need to chart their path forward with your business.

Growth at a glance

High-impact mentoring must account for more than an employee’s current position. Rather than ad-hoc or manual pairings, Gloat’s mentoring approach creates holistic matches that take skills, career aspirations, and development goals into consideration. As a result, employees get access to meaningful learning relationships and can create lasting connections across your organization.

Employee growth in situ

“FLEX Experiences gave me an opportunity to bring my purpose and work closer together. Now that I’m in this role, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop. I’m back into learning again, growing again, and being able to grow with something that I’m really passionate about.”

Vanessa Otake, Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Unilever

“FLEX Experiences has been a real game changer for us. We see it as more than just a platform, it’s a mindset. It’s bringing our people along and shifting their mindset from relying on the people they see in front of them to a far more flexible, resourcing mindset.”

Patrick Hull, VP Future of Work, Unilever

“We’ve seen people apply and be considered for work that they’ve never heard about. They’re seeing and being seen and that’s a huge employee engagement driver. And now on the other side of it, on the demand side of it, we’ve seen work owners now accessing talent that they never knew existed.”

Chris Smart, Head of Enterprise Learning and Development, MetLIfe


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More use cases

Build a skills-based organization

Turn skills into a competitive advantage with skills visibility and upskilling insights.

Grow and develop your people

Develop tomorrow's talent by putting your employees at the helm of their careers.

Replace silos with mobility

Unlock cross-functional collaboration and endless opportunities.

Enhance agility and speed to market

Outpace your competition with smart and at-scale talent redeployment.

Future-proof your workforce

Gain complete data visibility to prepare for the future and thrive through any disruptions.

Increase retention

Attract, uncover, develop, and retain top talent.

Create an inclusive workforce

Democratize access to opportunities and uncover hidden talent.

Restructure efficiently

Redeploy talent, lower hiring and retention costs, and ensure business continuity.