Unlock organizational agility and outpace the competition

The pace of transformation is accelerating and shows no sign of slowing down. Gloat enables you to harness and redeploy your workforce’s skills in real-time, ensuring your business pivots quickly to address new challenges as they unfold.

Redeploy and reallocate talent

Stop letting rigid hierarchies and silos slow you down. Instead of asking managers to jump through hoops to access the talent pools they need, why not make it easy for them to tap skilled employees from across your organization? Gloat takes the friction out of redeployments, so that your business can quickly respond to whatever challenges come your way.

Uncover hidden capacity

You probably hired people to fill a specific role. But that doesn’t mean that’s all they’re capable of. Every employee has a unique blend of experiences and skills, including some you’re not yet aware of. The skills visibility our platform provides is a game-changer because by shedding light on previously overlooked expertise, it enables you to do more with less.

Minimize time-to-hire

External hiring may be the dominant approach to talent sourcing, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the most efficient. While new hires need months to find their footing, internal candidates already know how your organization works inside and out. By pointing managers to qualified employees who are looking to make a change, Gloat makes inner mobility your competitive advantage.

Agility and acceleration in practice

“The talent marketplace is a speed and acceleration opportunity for how we re-skill and upskill priority segments of our workforce.”

Watson Stewart, Head, Talent Solutions, Standard Chartered Bank

“Our talent marketplace changes the way we manage talent, becoming the go-to destination to develop skills, execute projects with speed and agility, and grow our networks.”

Manager, HR Business Optimization,

“Agile ways of working are allowing us to redeploy both temporary and permanent resources to support our strategic priorities. Our Internal Talent Marketplace has helped us to re-prioritize 500,000 worker hours towards more than 3,000 business-critical projects.”

Alan Jope, CEO, Uniliver


How leading companies boost productivity and reduce costs

Leading brands like Schneider Electric, Unilever, and Nestlé are all harnessing one game-changing technology to get ahead: the talent marketplace. To learn how these visionary brands are utilizing their platforms to boost productivity, unlock capacity, and maximize output levels, download this guide.​
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More use cases

Build a skills-based organization

Turn skills into a competitive advantage with skills visibility and upskilling insights.

Grow and develop your people

Develop tomorrow's talent by putting your employees at the helm of their careers.

Replace silos with mobility

Unlock cross-functional collaboration and endless opportunities.

Enhance agility and speed to market

Outpace your competition with smart and at-scale talent redeployment.

Future-proof your workforce

Gain complete data visibility to prepare for the future and thrive through any disruptions.

Increase retention

Attract, uncover, develop, and retain top talent.

Create an inclusive workforce

Democratize access to opportunities and uncover hidden talent.

Restructure efficiently

Redeploy talent, lower hiring and retention costs, and ensure business continuity.