from Job-Based to Skills-Based

Reskill, restructure and redefine your business efficiently with a real time skills infrastructure as your guide.

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Map skills for every role

Jobs are constantly changing and so are the skills they require. Keep roles and responsibilities updated with a real-time job architecture, including insight into the skills required for every role. Get AI recommendations on how to adjust job design to meet emerging needs across the market.

Get a comprehensive view of employee skills

Get a view on where critical skills sit across your organization. Expand visibility into skills beyond employees’ current roles to avoid losing critical skills and activate talent to meet business priorities.

Manage skills, wherever they sit

Drive business clarity by connecting any data set or system methodology into the Gloat platform to get one, holistic view of the jobs and skills in your company. Reduce fragmentation between varied data layers to drive clarity across planning and within the talent journey.

Plan for the future, today

As roles and needs change, build a plan for the future with a pulse on what roles in your organization are becoming outdated, and which should be prioritized for emerging needs. Facilitate continous workforce planning with a data-driven view of your employees and skills today.
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Reskill for the future

As demand for new roles and skills emerge, and others become obsolete, identify ways to upskill or redeploy talent to meet the changing needs of your business. Restructure and reallocate talent efficiently, with insight on transferrable skills and roles.

Translate skills into a common language

Integrate skills data sets from different systems, and simplify them into one harmonized language. Normalize skills, so that whatever they’re called, you have one view into what they mean, and where they sit.

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Skills Intelligence Buyer’s Guide

Korn Ferry estimates $8 trillion in unrealized annual revenue by 2030 due to global talent shortages. AI-powered skills intelligence platforms has the potential to reverse this trend.

These platforms deliver a unified view of skills across the enterprise, identify market trends on emerging skill gaps, and generate automate the creation of a skill based architecture.

Uncover the factors you should weigh when evaluating these platforms—along with tips from leaders at the world’s most innovative skills-based organizations.

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