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Life at Gloat

Defined by passion, driven by excellence. As a Gloater you’ll have the opportunity to grow, explore, and leverage your full potential. Gloaters are smart, curious, quirky, and constantly discovering new ways to evolve —all while having fun doing it. As a company, we believe each employee is a leader, mentor, and brings a whole world of their own.


Why are we here?

We’re on a journey to democratize career development and build agile, future-ready workforces. In the past, career development was limited to the well-connected and privileged. We’re here to change that: our leading AI-based platform empowers individuals with personalized opportunities to grow and develop their careers.

Why people join
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Making an

No matter what role you play at Gloat, you have an impact on millions of individuals’ careers.



We believe you know where you can deliver your best work. At Gloat you can choose to work in home, at the office, or both.


Technology-driven company

We have created the first-ever internal talent marketplace. We are the market leaders, and innovation is our roadmap.

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