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Access, grow, and retain talent

As competition for talent soars, prioritizing internal growth opportunities becomes vital. By giving employees visibility into possible, personalized career paths, Gloat empowers your people to grow with your organization, not outside of it.

Attract candidates by building them a brighter future

Employees aren’t the only ones that care about career development. Candidates also want to see growth opportunities before they sign. As labor shortages intensify and hiring battles continue, why not turn internal mobility into the competitive advantage that will inspire top talent to join with confidence? With Gloat, candidates can discover relevant growth opportunities—from the very start of their journey with your business.

Tap into your talent’s potential

Your employees possess a lot of overlooked know-how and abilities. By offering 360° visibility into your people’s skills and interests, Gloat helps you unlock and deploy your workforce’s potential at scale and efficiently manage your talent’s supply of skills and interests against your business’s demand for projects and roles.

Give your people something to stay for

Eventually, every employee will want to take their careers in a new direction. The question isn’t whether your people are looking for a change; it’s whether they’ll choose to make that change with you. These decisions often depend on how much visibility they have into the opportunities across your organization. So instead of leaving employees to guess what directions their careers might take, Gloat helps you showcase the learning experiences and career potential your business has to offer.

Companies that made attrition a problem of the past

“Who wouldn’t want to work in an organization that enables talent development and talent acceleration through a platform like Gloat?”

Laurell Catllet-King, VP of Talent, Nestlé

“We haven’t seen the Great Resignation at Seagate. The game-changer for us is this journey we’ve been on with Gloat. Employees have their careers in their hands and they can see vertical and lateral possibilities”

Patricia Frost, CHRO, Seagate

“Right now, what I will tell you, especially with the Great Reshuffle and the Great Resignation, is that we’re holding steady. And that’s super important to know.”

Jean Pelletier, VP of Digital Talent Transformation, Schneider Electric


How Schneider Electric increased employee retention

After learning that almost 50% of employees who left the business cited a lack of growth opportunities as their main motivation, Schneider Electric knew it was time to enhance internal mobility. Download this case study to learn how the enterprise reduced recruiting expenses and improved productivity to save more than $15,000,000 with their talent marketplace.
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More use cases

Build a skills-based organization

Turn skills into a competitive advantage with skills visibility and upskilling insights.

Grow and develop your people

Develop tomorrow's talent by putting your employees at the helm of their careers.

Replace silos with mobility

Unlock cross-functional collaboration and endless opportunities.

Enhance agility and speed to market

Outpace your competition with smart and at-scale talent redeployment.

Future-proof your workforce

Gain complete data visibility to prepare for the future and thrive through any disruptions.

Increase retention

Attract, uncover, develop, and retain top talent.

Create an inclusive workforce

Democratize access to opportunities and uncover hidden talent.

Restructure efficiently

Redeploy talent, lower hiring and retention costs, and ensure business continuity.