Replace silos with mobility

Replace silos with mobility

When managers can’t access talent in other teams, employees miss out on cross-functional expertise. Gloat takes bottlenecks out of the equation and allows businesses to trade silos and stagnation for internal mobility and growth.

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Break down barriers and power limitless opportunities

What we can’t see that prevents us from tapping into our workforce’s full potential. Leaders are missing a full picture of their workforce’s skills, while employees lack visibility into opportunities within their organization. By matching people to projects, gigs, and mentorships anywhere in an organization, Gloat breaks down barriers and plants the seeds for limitless opportunities.

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Unleash cross-functional collaboration

Collaboration only works when your people know what their peers are working on and have full visibility into internal growth opportunities. By aligning employees to relevant projects and gigs in every area of your organization, Gloat weaves cross-functional collaboration into the fabric of how work gets done.

From talent hoarding to talent sharing

Instead of relying on the same employees to tackle key projects, why not let managers tap into all the skills your organization has to offer? As an added bonus, talent sharing is a sure-fire way to reduce silos and strengthen morale. With Gloat, talent flows freely, giving your managers the confidence to encourage employees to expand their horizons.

How mobility impacts your bottom line:

  • 2 in 3 employees would leave a job where no internal mobility is offered
  • Internal mobility is the top priority for millennial employees
  • Companies lose 20-30% in revenue every year due to inefficiencies caused by silos
  • Collaborative businesses innovate 17% of the time and are 70% more likely to do so than businesses that do not collaborate
  • 83% of leaders say that interdepartmental collaboration is critical for successful product development

Agility and acceleration in practice

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How Schneider Electric launched an AI-powered internal talent marketplace

50% of employees who left Schneider stated that their reason for leaving was a lack of visibility and access to career opportunities. Download the detailed case study to learn how Schneider Electric created an AI-powered open talent marketplace to bridge this gap.


5 Upskilling mistakes you can’t afford to make (and what to do instead)

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Customer Stories

Democratizing Opportunity: The D&I Benefits of a Talent Marketplace

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More use cases

Build a skills-based

Turn skills into a competitive advantage with skills visibility and upskilling insights.

Grow and develop your people

Develop tomorrow's talent by putting your employees at the helm of their careers.

Replace silos with mobility

Unlock cross-functional collaboration and endless opportunities.

Enhance agility and speed to market

Outpace your competition with smart and at-scale talent redeployment.

Future-proof your workforce

Gain complete data visibility to prepare for the future and thrive through any disruptions.

Increase retention

Attract, uncover, develop, and retain top talent.

Create an inclusive workforce

Democratize access to opportunities and uncover hidden talent.

Reduce costs

Redeploy talent, lower hiring and retention costs, and ensure business continuity.

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