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Forget jobs, and work on what matters

Gain access to your employees’ previously-untapped skills, and naturally align their unrealized talent potential with your business needs.

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Harness your employees’ aspirations

Gloat lets you listen to your employees, and then match them to the projects and gigs that best align with their aspirations and your needs. Whether it’s a senior employee looking to bring their experience and rich perspective to new projects, or a promising junior hire who wants to experiment, the Talent Marketplace lets you connect them to what they’re passionate about.

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Match talent to teams and projects

Whether it’s ad-hoc task-forces and short-term projects, or well-established departments needing fresh perspectives and skills, Gloat lets you find the talent you need, internally. With unprecedented insight into the skills and capabilities your employees bring with them to the table, regardless of their job descriptions, you can fill short- and medium-term assignments as soon as the need for them arises.

Align abilities, aspirations and business needs in real time

Gloat lets you see what skills your workforce can offer you at any given moment, and cross-reference them with the motivations of the people who possess them. This promises that any new project or team will not only be staffed by the most capable people, but also with the most motivated ones.

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"Our Gloat story is really the story of a company’s goals meeting the career goals of the employees. Gloat supports upskilling and recruiting of internal talent within Seagate to fill open positions and drive the gig economy, helping us harness our employees’ career goals to satisfy the business needs."
Divkiran Kathuria
Director, Talent Technology, Seagate Technology
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A New Operating System for Work

Can there be “work without jobs”? HR thought leaders Ravin Jesuthasan and Dr. John Boudreau think so, and talk about this exciting new talent-centric concept in an exclusive Gloat webinar.

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