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Cross-functional teams forming overnight to meet customer needs

80,000 employees driving their career development

Talent redeployed at scale to meet business needs

Skills identified, harmonized, and put in action

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Put your people and your organization, in motion.

Gloat’s Agile Workforce Operating system translates the world of work into the language of skills to give companies unprecedented ability to navigate change, enable more fulfilling and equitable careers for their employees, and dismantle the silos, bureaucracy, and biases that hold people and businesses back.

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Enter Workforce Agility

The Gloat Agile Workforce Operating System

Skills Based Applications

Gloat’s applications break down organizational silos and use skills-based models to support critical managerial and employee systems. Tackle critical tasks like hiring the right talent, staffing urgent projects, and mitigating skill gaps while empowering every employee with meaningful opportunities for development and career planning.

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Skills Foundation

An intelligent infrastructure to configure and build a skills-based-organization. Manage critical transformation initiatives with unparalleled skill visibility and tools to support your upskilling, redeployment, restructuring, and job design initiatives. 

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Workforce Graph

A dynamic database built to understand, map, and infer the relationships between different units of work through deep-learning AI. This knowledge base delivers actionable data and intelligence throughout the agile workforce operating system.

The Gloat Agile Workforce Operating System

With Gloat, we’ve created the best inventory we’ve ever had of the skills and capabilities within the company. Game-changer!
Jean PelletierVP, Digital Talent Transformation
Our employees take ownership of their careers, and our business creates value and drives innovation for our customers.
Lucrecia Borgonovo Chief Talent and Organizational Effectiveness Officer
Anyone using a talent marketplace will immediately be able to discover hidden talent—candidates and skills they didn’t know existed. And they’ll be able to experience how diverse, valuable, and capable these discovered candidates are.
Divkiran Kathuria Director of Talent Marketplace and Talent Acquisition Programs
With our Talent Marketplace, we can collaborate across regions and business units, uncover new ideas, challenge assumptions, and push one another to think in bold new ways.
Michael Fraccaro Chief People Officer
Everybody who launches a talent marketplace will realize it’s transformative. If I would’ve known just how transformative it’d be, I would’ve put even more energy and resources to understand and scale it very fast.
Jeroen Wels former Chief Talent Officer
Gloat is giving us visibility into both the skills and passions we have within the organization. Things managers might not have known because they couldn’t see it.
Patricia Frost ‎ CHRO

Shaina saved over $2M for her team

Shaina's team was short on time and struggling to address billing reconciliations between their e-commerce platform and Nestlé. Check out our Inspired series and go behind the scenes with project leaders and team members to find out how they’re doubling productivity, cutting costs, and leveling up their careers.

Don’t just take our word for it

Gloat’s Agile Workforce Operating system delivers impact and we have the accolades to prove it. Our technology has won awards for everything from innovation, to performance, to proficiency in career planning.

The latest from Gloat

Catch every can't-miss transformation tip from Gloat Live

We brought together the brightest minds in business and HR—and we're sharing the recordings so that you can level up your change initiatives.

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ICYMI: How Eversana masters M&A with an agile workforce OS

The new world of work comes with a new M&A playbook. Join our conversation with Eversana’s Heidi Brookes to learn how to maximize post-deal success with a talent marketplace.

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Empower Your Employees: Gloat’s Talent Marketplace Now Available in Microsoft Teams

Now employees and managers can discover and create development opportunities right in Microsoft Teams, making it easier than ever to learn a new skill or find qualified talent fast.

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Let’s toast to all things skills this Skillstoberfest

Skills strategies are in the spotlight, and we’re celebrating the tools and best practices that bring these initiatives to life.

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Top CHROs share their talent marketplace best practices

Top CHROs share their talent marketplace best practices

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How Mercer and Standard Chartered Bank are driving skills-based transformation

Learn how to leverage skills to transform your organization

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Take the mystery out of the talent marketplace launch process

Check out 3Sixty Insights’ report featuring 3 Gloat customers to learn what goes into successful implementations

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Alex Badenoch joins Gloat’s Advisory Board, enhancing transformation and leadership expertise

After spearheading Telstra’s agile strategy, Badenoch brings her transformation expertise to Gloat’s advisory board

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Gloat unveils Skills Foundation, an AI-powered infrastructure to enable workforce transformation

Skills Foundation leverages deep-learning AI and consumer-grade tools to help simplify strategic upskilling and redeployment initiatives

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Josh Bersin Company: The Talent Marketplace Collection

Insights, success stories, and advice on implementing a talent marketplace from the talent leaders defining the future of work.

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