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A central platform to understand your workforce, inform talent strategy and drive business growth in real-time—supercharged by Gloat’s Talent Marketplace.


Your skills, all in one place

Skills are the lifeblood of your organization. But how do you know what you’re working with today and what you’ll need to plan for tomorrow? With dynamic skills insights and recommendations from harmonized data sources, you get the skill line of sight you need from a single source of truth.

Skill landscape for IT department

A pulse on the market keeps you one step ahead new


A pulse on the market keeps you one step ahead

How does your workforce stack up to the industry? Understanding the market value of a job, if a skill is on the rise or decline and how the competition is positioning their jobs gives you a leg up on the competition and an opportunity to pivot ahead of the curve.


Keep your job architecture up-to-date

Job architectures are the backbone of your organization, but it can be tricky and time-consuming to keep them accurate. Keep roles and responsibilities updated with insights from internal and external data sources, view suggested positions to merge and job codes to update, and receive recommendations on relevant and trending skills that should be connected to your jobs.

Keep your job architecture up to date new comp
Your skills all in one place 1
Hire for the right skillsets1 1


Hire for the right skillsets

Design jobs effectively with skills insights and AI recommendations. From desired experiences to required competencies, you’ll have the power to create and update your jobs, and gain insight and inspiration from similar descriptions in your organization and popular titles from the market.


Create a talent command center

Make managing spreadsheets and manual analysis a thing of the past—with Gloat’s workforce insights, your team is armed with the relevant information, trends, and recommendations needed to fuel critical business decisions and power your planning strategies. Keep a pulse on skill, job, and employee trends, organizational supply and demand, and DEI insights to support more equitable company actions.

Leverage a single source of truth new comp


Leverage a single source of truth

Drive business clarity by connecting any data set or system methodology into the Gloat platform to get one, holistic view of the jobs and skills in  your company. Break silos and reduce fragmentation between varied data layers for a unified experience across the talent journey.

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