5 ways internal mobility upgrades your workforce

Internal mobility does so much more than keep your employees around.

By Maya Finkelstein

Internal mobility can do a lot more than just provide employees opportunities for career growth, it can actually transform your workforce to be agile and at the highest levels of expertise and efficiency.

1. Your workforce will be smarter

A company is only as smart as its people. So when your employees engage in opportunities that grow their skills and build their professional experiences, your company gets smarter. Opportunities in internal mobility, such as job change opportunities or supplementary part-time projects, push employees to expand their knowledge by providing them nuanced experiences beyond their everyday tasks.

Not to mention, internal growth opportunities give your company a clear advantage in addressing skills gaps, which is the number one priority for talent development in 2019, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report. By providing relevant internal mobility opportunities to your employees, your workforce will develop the skills and gain the experience to perform at the highest levels of expertise and efficiency, putting your company on top.

2. Your workforce will be empowered to take their future into their own hands at your company

“Highly-structured, one-size-fits-all learning programs don’t work anymore,” explains Keith Ferrazzi, the CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a research-based consulting and training company. “Individuals must own, self-direct, and control their learning futures.”

Providing your employees the freedom to participate in internal mobility opportunities gives them real control over their experiences and growth since they have the ability to actively invest in their development and pursue their professional interests. With an internal mobility program, employees can choose to participate in experiences such as supplementary projects or mentorships for the sake of their own learning.

Plus, an empowered workforce pays off. Employees who have the power to decide how to do their work are 79% more satisfied at their workplace than those who don’t, according to IBM Smarter Workforce Institute’s Employee Experience Index. A more satisfied workforce means a more productive and inspired workforce, which only builds your company’s overall success.

3. Your employees will be more productive

Based on the same IBM Employee Experience Index, employees are more productive and perform at higher levels when they experience a sense of belonging, purpose, achievement, happiness and vigor. Evidently, internal mobility opportunities offer just that!

From part-time supplementary projects, to new positions, to mentorships, opportunities in internal mobility involves employees in experiences that interest them and actively improve their skills, building employees’ sense of purpose and achievement. Not only that, employees who are encouraged to grow and succeed at their company are happier and feel a strong sense of belonging since they have the privilege to pursue their professional ambitions at the company. According to the report, such experiences nearly double discretionary effort from 55% to 95%.


4. Diversity of experience and people enriches your workforce

Internal mobility opportunities connect employees from all different backgrounds, experience levels, and departments in innovative ways that maximizes your company’s shared knowledge and capabilities. By enabling individuals to work together on supplementary projects, in new positions, or in mentorships, employees gain a special opportunity to collaborate with people they would otherwise never work with.

These unique collaborations can foster creativity and learning while building trust and acquaintanceship among colleagues. Employees who feel a connection with their coworkers are more likely to be productive and engaged at their workplace. Not to mention the superior results that come from blending individuals’ strengths into a common goal.

5. Your employees will stay at your company longer

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development, according to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn. In today’s world of automation, people want to stay relevant in their field and understand that the shelf-life of skills is shortening. Yet, the number one reason employees feel held back from learning is the lack of time they have during the workday.

If your company can meet employees growing desire for career development by giving them ample time and space to actively expand their skills and gain new experiences, you will attract top talent and keep them. By offering internal mobility opportunities, individuals will not only choose your company for a job, they will commit to your company for their careers.

It’s time to take your workforce to the next level and become a leader in the growing movement towards internal mobility at your company.

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