Introducing Gloat’s new events series

Everything you need to know about our 2022 events roster

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By Nicole Schreiber-Shearer, Future of Work Specialist at Gloat

​​All around us, we’re seeing the pace of change accelerate. Work is getting unboxed from jobs, workforces are deconstructing and becoming more pixelated, and the employee-employer relationship is being rewritten.

Gloat’s mission is to revolutionize work and help organizations unlock agility. For the past two years, we’ve hosted Gloat Live—the first-ever agility conference—to bring together subject-matter experts, business leaders, and HR executives. Our objective has been to uncover the mindset shifts and frameworks that will shape the future of work.

As the world of work keeps on changing, we’ve decided to bring these gatherings one step further and start offering different types of events to address our community’s various needs. We’re launching Gloat Events, a series of targeted discussions and eye-opening sessions that will run all year long.

What are Gloat Events?

Gloat Live
Don’t worry, our flagship Workforce Agility conference isn’t going anywhere! In case you missed last year’s event, Gloat Live is a multi-day conference made up of both digital and in-person components.

There will be exciting keynote speakers, customer testimonials, and sessions led by some of our Gloaters. And best of all, there’s already an event coming up soon: Gloat Live Asia Pacific. We’re kicking off our first Workforce Agility conference dedicated specifically to the region on March 17, so sign up now to save your seat.

Gloat Inspire
Gloat Inspire is where our customers and partners will uncover the forces of change influencing the world of work. Get ready to explore conceptual studies and channel these insights to better understand how work and workforces are evolving.

Gloat Learn
Our team members and business and HR leaders will lead a series of webinars, product explanations, and how-to sessions dedicated to tackling the most pressing challenges that executives are facing today. First up, our own Jeff Schwartz is sitting down with Rene Gessenich, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning at Novartis, to discuss skill-building in the new world of work.

We’re also launching Gloat Book Club, where we’ll come together to explore some of the texts that will shape discussions about the future of work.

Gloat Local
If you’ve been missing IRL gatherings, Gloat Local is for you! We’ll be hosting a series of networking events at local destinations so that you can meet our team and some fellow HR and business leaders face-to-face.

5 Reasons to save the date for Gloat Events

We know this year is going to be busy, especially for business and HR leaders who are at the helm of reimagining work and recalibrating operating models. But we promise it’s worth adding Gloat Events to your agenda. Here’s why:

#1. Discover the Insights You Need to Get Ahead
Whether you join us for a book club meeting or check out one of our Gloat Inspire sessions, you’re going to walk away with the strategies and best practices you’ll need to steer your organization towards success. We’ll be tapping future of work experts, including our own Jeff Schwartz, to share cutting-edge research and game-changing best practices. You’ll even have the chance to discuss the challenges you’ve been facing and get answers to your most pressing questions.

#2. Network with Like-Minded Peers
Our Gloat community is filled with innovative leaders, visionary experts, and renowned authors and speakers. Gloat Events will create opportunities to come together so that we can share our insights, strategies, and best practices with like-minded peers and engage with colleagues who are facing similar challenges.

#3. Get Inspiration for Your Next Initiative
Are you getting ready for your talent marketplace launch? Looking to revamp your internal mobility strategy? Or debuting a new mentoring program? Gloat Events will give you the chance to hear from peers who have tackled similar initiatives and learn from their experiences. There will be opportunities to explore what goes into introducing disruptive technology like a talent marketplace, and the steps you can take to streamline your launch.

#4. Keep Your Finger on the Pulse
The Great Resignation. Hybrid working. Workforce pixelation. Talent shortages.

There are so many forces of change reshaping the way we work that it can be challenging to keep track of them all. Instead of trying to keep up with all of the groundbreaking research and revolutionary ideas, why not attend a few Gloat Events so that you can walk away with the trend forecasting and future of work insights you’ll need?

#5. Have Fun
It wouldn’t be a Gloat event without a few laughs. Whether you join us virtually for a Gloat Learn webinar or meet up with us at a Gloat Local wine tasting, you’re guaranteed to have a good time, while learning about the frameworks and mindset shifts that you’ll need to get ahead in the new world of work.

How can I join Gloat Events?

Ready to get in on the action? If you want to join us for a Gloat Event, stay tuned and keep checking your inbox, because we’ll be sending some exciting updates out soon!

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