Gloaties spotlight: Companies shaping the future of work

Three forward-thinking organizations that are defining the next generation of talent management


Three forward-thinking organizations that are defining the next generation of talent management

In HR, it can seem easier to hone traditional methods that produce uniform results year-in and year-out than to create a new, better way.

The Gloaties, Gloat’s annual awards program, honor the trailblazing organizations building the future of work. At Gloat Live 2022, we celebrated three companies that have forged a better path forward. They’ve chosen to embrace a new model that leverages workforce agility and intelligence, and they are seeing the impact on their people and their businesses as a result.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight each Gloaties winner for their resolve to reshape the HCM playbook with a holistic—and overdue—transformation of the way businesses and people work.

Schneider Electric: Trailblazer

The highest honor at the Gloatie Awards each year, the Trailblazer award, is given to the organization that supports both work and careers with workforce agility at its core, paving the way for other companies to follow suit.

We could not be more proud to present our 2022 Trailblazer award to Schneider Electric! The team at Schneider generates sustained impact from its workforce agility efforts, both in terms of measurable business outcomes and the human impact of creating more meaningful careers.

Schneider Electric leveraged workforce agility and a talent marketplace to revolutionize the way it sees talent strategy. Here’s just a sampling of what they’ve accomplished through embracing workforce agility:

  • Nearly 80,000 registered users on the talent marketplace, representing over 80% of the employee population
  • More than 7,000 project assignments
  • More than 1,500 full-time positions filed
  • 14,000 mentorship matches and counting

Years into Schneider Electric’s workforce agility journey, they are continuing to engage their population and grow their investment at an amazing pace. They embody the pioneer spirit of this movement and have set themselves up for an open future with the Open Talent Market!

Novartis: Productivity Pioneer

Novartis Gloat Live tinypng header
(From left) René Gessenich, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning & Skills Management; Sara Steiner, Global Talent Leader; and Markus Graf, VP Global Head of Talent accept the 2022 Productivity Pioneer Gloatie

Our Gloatie winner for Productivity Pioneer is Novartis! This organization is driving one of the core principles when it comes to the talent marketplace and workforce agility: unlocked hours. But Novartis doesn’t just accumulate them in quantity; they do so with an incredible velocity that is paving the way for the market.

Novartis has unlocked more than 80,000 hours, which amounts to $3.7 million in value—a majority of which came in just about 100 days. With the help of the talent marketplace, they are delivering on their talent strategy that focuses on:

  • Cultivating the roles and teams that provide the greatest organizational value
  • Assessing and developing the next generation leaders
  • Personalizing recommendations for internal opportunities
  • Predicting the skills that the company will need in the future
  • Leveraging data to improve the quality of people decisions.

Mastercard: Boundary Breaker

Gloaties 2022 mastercard
(From left) Mastercard’s Chief Talent and Organizational Effectiveness Officer Lucrecia Borgonovo; Vice President, Digital Talent Heather Yurko; and Talent and Development Vice President, LAC Ana Maria Gonzalez accept the 2022 Boundary Breaker Gloatie.

Our first Gloaties honoree is Mastercard, the Boundary Breaker of 2022! Mastercard embodies the principles of rising above the bureaucracies that hold people and other businesses back. They’ve built a more connected organization that breaks down silos, allowing employees to look beyond strict, vertical hierarchies and region-specific projects. At Mastercard, people take on opportunities that impact not only their careers, but the business as a whole.

Mastercard has truly delivered on its vision—to give employees both transparency into career growth opportunities within the organization and the license to pursue them. The company has driven over 3,000 role and mentorship assignments, with over 62% of their projects being cross-functional and over 52% being cross-regional. It’s only appropriate they call their platform Unlocked, as their employees are tapping into new skills and accessing career paths that were once out of reach.

Learn more about how Mastercard lives up to its Boundary Breaker award by creating priceless career development opportunities.

Next week, we’ll announce the winner of our highest honor at the Gloaties awarded each year: the Workforce Agility Trailblazer!

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