Josh Bersin’s Talent Marketplace: A Primer

Everything you need to know about the Talent Marketplace – before Gloat’s upcoming all-star webinar

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By Adam Etzion, HR Analyst @ Gloat

This coming Monday, May 24 2021, Novartis’s Global Head of Talent, Markus Graf, Schneider Electric’s VP Digital Talent Transformation, Jean Pelletier, and MetLife’s AVP Skills and Performance, Keegan Bowman, will all meet in a Josh Bersin-hosted GloatLive webinar, to discuss the future of careers and work in light of the accelerated digital transformation and hybrid work trends.

This is one of the most interesting conversations in the world of HR today – and for those who want to get the most out of it, we’ve collected Josh Bersin’s previous Talent Marketplace-related materials here for you to peruse in your free time, so that you stay in the know and don’t miss a beat.

Josh Bersin and Andrew Saidy: The Future of HR Talk Transcript

As part of 2019 HR Tech Conference, Josh Bersin sat down for a talk with Andrew Saidy, who was leading digitization efforts Schneider Electric at the time (and who, today, leads similar efforts at Seagate Technology) to talk about the future of HR and what was then a revolutionary new paradigm: the Talent Marketplace. The two discuss the possibilities this new concept might unleash, and how they envision the future of HR.

The Future of HR: A Private Talk With Josh Bersin

The Talent Marketplace: What Works and Why Now

April 2020: the height of the first wave of the pandemic. In the midst of this global seismic shift, Josh Bersin presented an exclusive look into his reading of the crisis – and the pivotal role he envisioned for the Talent Marketplace in it.

From expecting the unexpected to navigating a company safely through a crisis, this talk sheds new light on the developing role of HR in the global enterprise.

The Talent Marketplace: What Works and Why Now

The Talent Marketplace, A New Paradigm for Talent Management

In this data-oriented presentation, Josh Bersin explains why the talent marketplace is a new paradigm for talent management, and presents his research on how HR is transforming as a business function as a result.

From skills management to AI, this presentation covers everything there is to know about what the talent marketplace is influencing and changing in organizations that have implemented it – and why that’s a good thing.

The Talent Marketplace, A New Paradigm for Talent Management

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