Perks are out, internal mobility is in: What Gen Z really wants in the workplace

Are you ready for the largest generation?

By Maya Finkelstein

Are you ready for the largest generation to join your company? Well, it’s time to think again, because Generation Z is unlike any other you’ve seen before.

With an estimated 27% of the workplace to be combrised of Gen Zs by next year, it’s critical for your company to properly prepare for the workforce of tomorrow. As a Gen Zer myself, I know that there’s no better place to start than understanding what Gen Z really wants in a workplace.

1. A company that will help them grow

It’s time to leave your material perks behind and begin focusing on your internal mobility programs. That’s right, Gen Z couldn’t care less about your company’s yoga classes, X-boxes, and happy hours because growth opportunities is the number one priority of Gen Zers when considering a job, coming even before generous pay.

At its core, Gen Z wants access to internal mobility in your company, as 75% report they’re looking to have multiple roles within one company. Clearly, it’s critical for your company to get internal mobility programs up and running as soon as possible, since accessible internal mobility will be the key to keeping talented Gen Zers on board.

2. A position that provides stability

Like nearly all Gen Zers, I grew up seeing my friends and family suffer from the insecurity and economic loss of the Great Recession in America. There’s no doubt that this experience shaped the values and outlook of Gen Z, making job stability and financial security a top priority. So, unlike their millennial predecessors, Gen Z is not interested in hopping from job to job. They want future-proof jobs, that is, jobs that provide opportunities for growth and internal mobility. You heard correctly, Gen Z actually wants to make a long-term commitment to your company. So, your company better be prepared to give this upcoming generation the stability and opportunity of accessible internal mobility.

3. A workplace that promotes mentorship

To Gen Z, mentorship is almost as important as healthcare when considering a company. Gen Zers want to learn from their peers and understand the benefit of constructive feedback. This means that your company must develop a competitive edge over mentorship by providing an accessible and engaging mentorship program internally.

What better way to learn from your peers than by actually working with them. Through internal mobility, employees of all different backgrounds and strengths are connected to work together on projects or in new roles, giving Gen Zers the benefit of learning hands-on from their peers and giving your company the upper-hand over employing Gen Zers.

4. A company culture that empowers them

The majority of Gen Zers would stay at a job for more than three years if the company offers an empowering work culture over a company that offers high salaries and raises.

Undoubtedly, your company must provide opportunities for empowerment if you want to capture the profound loyalty of Gen Z. An empowering company culture is one that encourages employees to take their professional growth and engagement in their own hands. By giving Gen Zers the power to explore, apply, and participate in internal mobility opportunities that inspire them, your company is sure to keep talented Gen Zers for the long run.

5. A workplace that values employee happiness

Rather than measuring achievement by a paycheck, 88% of Gen Zers cite being happy as the biggest indication of their career success. Happy employees feel supported, challenged, and purposeful in their work. Since job satisfaction is even more important to Gen Z than salary, it’s time for your company to start focusing on providing relevant opportunities internally that genuinely speak to Gen Zers evolving goals and passions. When employees have access to internal mobility opportunities, they not only feel engaged and rewarded in their work, they also feel that their company truly cares about their professional development– All the ingredients needed for very happy employees.



So forget the gym passes, video games, and rooftop lounges for which the past two generations seemingly craved, it’s time to start boosting your company’s internal mobility programs because when it comes down to it, that’s all that Gen Z really wants.

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