The sky’s no longer the limit for talent mobility

NASA has already realized the need for an internal talent marketplace to help their employees fulfill their career aspirations.

By Maya Finkelstein

NASA introduced its internal talent marketplace in a recentlyciting “incentivizing employees’ lifelong learning through internal career mobility opportunities, and supporting managers in matching talent to task when the need arises” as the two main benefits of the platform.

With such incredibly brilliant people behind the organization, it makes sense that these individuals have countless external opportunities at their fingertips. NASA now proves itself not only the innovator we know and love for its space exploration, but also for its forward-thinking talent mobility plans and its recognition of the need to democratize talent development.

NASA actually built their own internal talent marketplace for its internal use. Following some of the world’s most innovative employers such as Unilever and Schneider Electric who use Gloat’s technology to power their own internal talent marketplaces, NASA has joined the ranks of these enlightened employers poised to reap the benefits in the near future of work. Research shows that access to opportunities and internal mobility motivates employees, provides for a better experience and builds engagement throughout an organization,” Nick Skytland, Deputy Chief, Exploration Technology Office, explained in his NASA blog.

Since NASA jobs are part of the federal government, only opportunities they define as “noncompetitive,  internal details, short-term/part-time assignments, lateral reassignments and leadership development programs” will be available in the marketplace. Competitive jobs will still be posted on the federal government’s USAjobs website.

Skytland explains that NASA’s internal talent marketplace aligns with the future of work particularly in its cultivation of a culture of continuous learning and development and deploying talent and mobilizing careers internally.

Learning and Developing for a Lifetime

An internal talent marketplace increases visibility on what opportunities are available within the organization and what skills can take one’s career to the next level. Skytland writes that by participating in an opportunity from NASA’s new talent marketplace, employees will “increase their skills, expand their network, work across agency projects, and apply their expertise to advance the NASA mission.”  He explains the managers’ role as: “When a manager identifies an available frequency in the employee’s time, or recognizes a skill gap in the employee’s profile, they can use the Talent Marketplace as a resource when discussing development opportunities.”

The article doesn’t mention artificial intelligence in its description of the internal talent marketplace, which would be perhaps the most noticable difference between NASA’s in-house platform and Gloat’s InnerMobility solution. For example, instead of manager identifying skills gaps in employees’ profiles, Gloat’s AI can identify skills gaps on a macro and micro level to provide these critical insights at the click of a button to those authorized.

Deploying Talent; Mobilizing Careers

The very nature of an internal talent marketplace works against the idea of rigid hierarchy which often plagues enterprises and large organizations. Giving employees access to the full spectrum of opportunities available across the organization should boost employee engagement, innovation, and mobility in whatever direction each individual chooses. Managers can use the platform as a springboard for meaningful development conversations with employees and create opportunities targeted at particular skills to both meet their need for talent as well as aid employees in achieving their career goals within the organization.

Skytland notes that “support from across the agency is strong and opportunities are being posted by all centers in the Talent Marketplace.”

It’s incredible to see such in-house innovation at NASA, which should come as no surprise really. The takeaway here should be that the world’s most innovative organizations whether they be governmental, non-profit, or for-profit are realizing the immense need to provide internal mobility solutions, in particular in the democratized form of a talent marketplace.



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