Your definitive guide to Gloat Live 2021

A sneak peek into the workforce agility conference you can’t miss

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By Nicole Schreiber-Shearer, Future of Work Specialist at Gloat

Gloat Live is back and bigger than ever. In less than two weeks, more than 25 acclaimed speakers will come together to share cutting-edge research, inspiring stories, and actionable frameworks for the new world of work. From a panel discussion on building the workforce of the future to a keynote with the man behind the TED Talk– Daniel Pink– it’s going to be a jam-packed two days.

Want to make sure you don’t miss a beat? We’re peeling back the curtain and giving you a glimpse behind the scenes so that you can make the most of every minute and walk away with the insights you’ll need to start the new year off strong. Check out our Gloat Live roadmap for a breakdown of the sessions you can’t miss, based on your own priorities for 2022.

If You Want: To Get Buy In for Your Next Game-Changing Idea

Don’t Miss: Daniel Pink’s

We’re starting off Gloat Live 2021 with a bang. The legendary Daniel Pink, a viral TED Talk speaker and one of the foremost experts on persuasion, is kicking off Day 1 with a keynote about the powerful role that motivation can play in helping you win the war for talent. Think of this session as your own personal playbook for selling the groundbreaking, disruptive concepts that you know will really move the needle when it comes to improving employee engagement and retention. Get ready to learn how to turn your next big idea into a bold new reality by gaining the support you’ll need from leadership, regardless of where you sit in your organization.

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If You Want: Tips for Building a Future-Fit Workforce, Straight from the Source

Don’t Miss:
Building the Workforce of the Future Customer Panel

The leaders of tomorrow are the organizations that start building their foundation for the future today. But what does a winning strategy for the next chapter of work really look like? Since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model, we’re gathering pioneering executives from leading businesses across the globe to share their insights on preparing for the future of work. Featured speakers include Chris Smart, Head of Enterprise Learning & Development at Metlife, Jean Pelletier, VP Digital Talent Transformation at Schneider Electric, Judith Konermann, Global Head of Strategic Workforce Planning at Philip Morris International, and Kristi Selby, Director of Talent & Performance Management at Nestlé.

If You Want: To Cultivate a Culture That Brings Out the Best in People
Don’t Miss: #StoriesBehindTheStats – How Unilever unlocked business & people impact through their talent marketplace

Creating a compelling culture is difficult code to crack, particularly in our hybrid world of work. So what’s the secret to cultivating an environment that empowers every employee to achieve their fullest potential? At Unilever, purpose is an integral part of the equation. When the multinational consumer goods organization decided to prioritize upskilling and reskilling, they put purpose at the center of their initiative. Since launching their in-house flexible working program powered by Gloat’s talent marketplace, Unilever has unlocked more than 500,000 hours, achieved a 41% productivity improvement, and helped countless employees discover their purpose. Jeroen Wels, Executive Vice President of HR, and Paddy Hull, VP Future of Work, will discuss the role that culture has played in their success and explain how they leveraged their talent marketplace to help employees pursue their own definitions of purposeful work.

If You Want: To Become an Expert on Agility and the Future of Work
Don’t Miss: Work Without Jobs: Why the Future of Work Requires an Agile Approach
A decade from now, are we going to be looking back at jobs and thinking, “That’s so 2021?”. That’s what future of work experts Ravin Jesuthasan and Dr. John Boudreau suggest in their book, Work Without Jobs. It’s time to move away from rigid hierarchies and fixed operating models and start embracing a more fluid approach to work that enables skills to flow freely throughout your organization. If you want to learn how to unlock agility and give your work operating system a future-fit upgrade, you can’t miss Ravin and John’s keynote about deconstructing jobs and reconstructing the way we work.

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If You Want: To Dive Deep on All Things Talent Marketplace
Don’t Miss: The Future History of the Talent Marketplace

It wouldn’t be a workforce agility conference without a session devoted to the game-changing technology that makes more fluid, flexible ways of working possible: the talent marketplace. In this session, we’re bringing together Ayala Michelson, our VP of Product and Analytics, and Jeff Schwartz, our VP of Insights and Impact and founder of Deloitte’s Future of Work Practice, to discuss the impact talent marketplaces have had on the working world so far, and where they’re headed next.

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If You Want: To Give Careers a 2022 Upgrade

Don’t Miss: Reimagining Careers for a New World of Work Panel

We’re entering an entirely new world of work, so it only makes sense that careers in the 2020s are going to look different. Now that the Great Reassessment is well under way, it has become very clear that employees are no longer settling for dead-end jobs, but instead searching for meaningful professions. So what does it take to redesign careers to give people what they’re looking for? To answer this question, we’re bringing together three visionary HR and Talent leaders: Lucrecia Borgonovo, Mastercard’s Chief Talent and Organizational Effectiveness Officer, Patricia Frost, Seagate’s Chief Human Resources Officers, and Minh Hua, Stanley Black & Decker’s Chief Talent Officer.

If You Want: To Learn the New Truths of HR Tech
Don’t Miss: Josh Bersin’s Keynote

Unprecedented disruption. Accelerated timelines. Complex challenges. The new world of work is uncharted territory for all of us, and we’re all going to need to recalibrate our strategies and embrace cutting-edge ideas. In the midst of so much change, how can we keep our finger on the pulse and identify the next wave of innovations that will shape the future of HR and business? Global industry analyst Josh Bersin is here to pinpoint the breakthroughs sitting at the intersection of HR and technology and offer his take on carving a path forward as we enter our next chapter of work.

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Whether you’re looking to deepen your understanding of talent marketplaces or build a playbook for selling groundbreaking ideas to your entire organization, we have good news: Gloat Live is going to have something for everyone.

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