How Gloat Hiring will enable a next-generation talent ecosystem

Tap into both internal and external talent to find the right people in one best-in-class pipeline

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By Danny Shteinberg, Chief Marketing and Chief Product Officer at Gloat

There’s no doubt it’s a transformational time for work. The past few years have shown us that we can—and must—adjust to change: be it economic volatility, supply chain shortages, or hybrid work. The resilience people and businesses had to develop in recent years has proven that we all have the power to adapt, evolve, and thrive. It’s also surfaced the fact that transforming the way we work is not just a possibility, but an essential need in order to meet the ongoing expectations of businesses and people alike. And that need has placed the workforce front and center.

Consequently, 85% of HR executives say they’re looking to redesign the way work is organized to more flexibly deploy skills across their organizations and align them to business needs .64% of CHROs are looking to implement a data-driven approach to benchmark their workforce against the market. Essentially, skills are in focus, and talent flexibility is critical.

The powerful talent within your organization

Since Gloat’s inception, our mission has been to change how we work, make talent accessible, and help businesses move faster. Critical to this mission is helping businesses maximize their existing talent and potential.  Without a doubt, internal talent provides a more cost-efficient hiring solution, with reduced ramp time, lower recruiting costs, and the retention of valuable institutional knowledge and skills. This model also empowers employees, allowing them to tap into a myriad of opportunities for growth and chart meaningful careers within your company. Too often, organizations overlook interested and qualified talent in their organization because they don’t know how to find it. And if you can’t understand how skill sets relate within your own organization or don’t know where to look, it’s even harder to know if you’re looking for the right talent outside of your company.

For this reason, we’ve spent years designing, refining, and innovating to build an algorithm that understands the nuances within a business and identifies overlapping skills and competencies —the question of who in marketing can support a finance role is a more complex challenge than who in the whole realm of finance talent can help our finance team. Truly mobilizing internal talent and breaking functional and geographic silos requires deep insights and a big-picture understanding honed over years of experience and focus. While a hard challenge, it’s worth it: we’ve seen our customers save millions of dollars in recruiting and productivity costs in mere months by adopting this internal-first model. But we can’t stop there.

Tapping into future talent

Business growth, change, churn, and the increasing pace of innovation have made being able to find qualified talent instantly an essential. Internal talent is the most efficient solution to drive impact fast; however, when you need to source external talent, having clear skills visibility and an equitable way to evaluate talent is crucial. For that reason, we’re expanding our platform to include Gloat Hiring: a solution designed to help teams source and attract the right talent, inside AND outside of your business.

The same powerful technology we’ve built to understand how things work inside your business can now be applied to identify and review qualified candidates outside of your business. This enables a 360° view into talent, using a skills-based approach to surface qualified internal-, external-, and even contingent or flex-worker candidates to meet talent demands. Using AI trained to mitigate bias, all candidates are recommended and screened in a central hub that creates a fair and equitable talent acquisition process.

Building a best-in-class pipeline

Democratizing access to opportunity is part of Gloat’s core mission. We built our technology for the end-user to drive engagement and adoption, and ultimately, give people more control over their careers. Gloat Hiring follows the same philosophy, offering external candidates more access and visibility into your organization’s growth opportunities. Our Hiring solution will also enable businesses to give candidates more visibility and control with a personalized Career Navigator, driving clarity on how their skills and aspirations stack up, what their career growth could look like at your company, and recommended free learning content to help qualify for a role within your business.

Beyond the candidate experience, talent acquisition and managerial teams are empowered to create, curate and nurture talent pools to save and flag strong candidates for their most critical roles and skills needs. Gloat Hiring equips organizations with automation and AI-driven insights to build talent pipelines for each critical business need.

Ultimately Gloat Hiring is designed to make your talent ecosystem more powerful than ever. No matter what comes your way,  your company can now tap into the human potential across your talent networks. And it’s all connected within the flow of work you have today, and informed by the data across your organization. As work, projects, and priorities crop up across your Talent Marketplace, that continuous real-time data provides clarity and intelligence on the skills and roles you need. From there, you can make an instant decision on whether to build, buy, or borrow talent and tap into qualified resources right away to deliver business results.

Hiring is now easier and more efficient than ever; that’s the power of Workforce Agility. Get started by booking a demo today.

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