Introducing Data Direct: Unlocking the full potential of your data

Data Direct is a new capability that provides more flexibility and visibility into Gloat data to accelerate business impact

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By Yaron Rosen, Director of Product at Gloat

Becoming data-driven is the new paradigm for organizations. Knowing how to properly leverage information is a critical part of improving business performance; from measuring marketing efficacy to identifying sales patterns to documenting recruiting tactics, winning on the margins means equipping your company with the full picture. Consequently, 91.7% of companies are increasing their investment in data and AI. However, this revolution is only just beginning.

Though businesses continue to implement emerging technologies, they often still lack the means to best utilize and access the data and tools they have. In fact, 81% of organizations still don’t have a solid strategy to use the full potential of their data.

At Gloat, we have designed our Workforce Agility Platform to not only deliver a seamless and efficient user experience but also to capture and channel meaningful data and ensure its visibility and usability for our customers. Our platform features in-app analytics, with a set of dashboards and reports designed to highlight where an organization is making its biggest impact. This isn’t just your standard set of dashboards. Our platform carefully analyzes users’ adoption and engagement with the platform and measures activity, engagement, and impact against leading business KPIs.

But the next step is integrating this data into the larger organizational strategy. According to Gartner, 65% of decisions made today are more complex and involve more stakeholders than they were in the past.  This makes transparency and access to data critical to ensure that everyone is operating with the same quality of information. Data sharing is, as a result, 1.7 times more effective at showing demonstrable, verifiable value to D&A stakeholders, according to Gartner research.

Introducing Data Direct

Gloat is now launching Data Direct to empower our customers with more seamless access to critical employee, job, skill, and platform-related data. We are making Gloat data across our Workforce Agility Platform more accessible, shareable, and customizable to support greater organizational decision-making. We’ve implemented a new analytics infrastructure built on Snowflake’s data cloud to create a single ecosystem for data science, engineering, and analytics initiatives.  Leveraging this infrastructure, Data Direct enables our customers’ Data and Analytics teams to gain access to their data in high-level granularity, refreshed daily with all recent events, and connect it with their other data sources. This gives each organization the freshest look at the skills, roles, interests, and activities across the organization so that every decision can be made with high-quality data.

What Data Direct delivers:

1) A holistic and enriched view: Data on employee upskilling, performance, and retention from across the Talent Marketplace and Workforce Intelligence suite can now be enriched with additional organizational data such as budget, headcount, training, and recruiting insights to provide a clear view on what’s happening across your business, and what needs to change, with all of the relevant variables at play.

2) Deeper inference and understanding: Additional structure, granularity, and richness of data points allow users to investigate correlations within the data. Now you can see not only what’s happening, but also what’s causing that result. This supports more informed, founded decisions about which user and organizational behaviors to encourage, discourage, or reimagine.

3) The ability to create and examine new KPIs: As greater visibility and insight into correlation and causation surface new areas of influence, you can measure and examine these new factors over time. That way you can promote, incentivize, and measure change in the areas that matter and drive better business results.

Leveraging data insights for real-world impacts

So how does this work in practice? Imagine you’re looking at the application rate for internal employees applying to other full-time positions within your organization. Using Data Direct, customers can connect this data to other systems, like compensation data, to take a look at what compensation threshold meaningfully drives application rates up or down.

Were the application rate lower than expected, Data Direct enables customers to look at the correlation between the application rate and a near-infinite number of factors to understand what’s happening. They can even look at the correlation between application rate and user behavior over time. Now you can go beyond identifying strengths and challenges to truly understand what’s driving results, and which levers to pull to make change happen.

Perhaps the response time of the hiring manager after an application is significantly correlated with the application rate. You see that when hiring managers have slower response times, this reduces the application rate over time. Now, Data Direct can help you measure and track response times after an opportunity is posted, so you can encourage managers to respond faster and assess the impact on application rates moving forward.

We’re giving users the power to cultivate a data-driven strategy and tap into the full power of Gloat’s intelligence to meet their unique needs. Now, the millions of user engagement events we see every day (and within individual organizations) can be activated immediately to fuel business decisions and drive greater workforce agility.

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