Introducing InnerMobility: the enterprise solution for career development

The result is a drastic boost in employee satisfaction, personal development, and improved output for the company as a whole.

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By Melanie Holly Pasch, Lead Communications Strategist

InnerMobility is an AI-based platform and mobile app enabling employers to provide employees with highly coveted opportunities to advance their careers and find career fulfillment within their current place of employment.

Powered by Gloat’s advanced AI technology, InnerMobility draws on employees’ skills, past experiences, and future goals to intuitively match them with projects, job swaps, mentorships, as well as new positions that will add real value to their career ambitions. Employees are able to simply swipe on opportunities of interest to achieve horizontal career growth as well as traditional vertical progression.

“Ambitious employees present an enormous opportunity and challenge for your business. True return on investment can be achieved by offering an array of enriching experiences,” our CEO, Ben Reuveni explains. “After analyzing career patterns through AI and deep learning for many years, InnerMobility is the solution to develop talent and prevent turnover on all corporate levels. The platform provides almost instantaneous, personalized recommendations that help employees fulfill their potential, and managers fill positions. Ultimately, InnerMobility facilitates the perfect merger of the gig-economy, employee development, and internal recruitment to usher in the workplace of the future.”

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InnerMobility prompts employers to be forward thinking by allowing employees to divide their working hours between a variety of projects utilizing diverse skills, and ultimately providing the work environment employees crave. The result is a drastic boost in employee satisfaction, personal development and crucially improved output for the company as a whole.

With one of the most common reasons given for leaving a company being an absence of ‘career development,’ the importance of employers providing the opportunity for employees to build a diverse skill set is clear. Reports show that it costs an estimated 84% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement, not to mention the unquantifiable domino effect that high turnover has on office morale and productivity. By understanding the importance of employee fulfillment and happiness and having a tool to engage with staff in this regard, InnerMobility offers an exciting new approach to the workplace, catapulting businesses forward.

This approach also provides managers with a far greater understanding of their employees and presents a robust pool of untapped talent that can be drawn upon to easily fill positions and projects and significantly increase productivity. Far too often companies rush to employ the services of headhunters or external recruiters, neglecting to consider the talent that they already have.

For employees, InnerMobility is their personalized AI-based career navigator allowing them to develop diverse skills and experiences that make the most of their careers long term.

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