Launching Opportunity Hub, powered by an open ecosystem of industry-leading partners to help enterprises build best-in-class employee experiences

We leveraged our open platform architecture to connect learning, coaching, volunteering, and employee well-being experiences across the enterprise tech stack

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By Gloat

Today, we announced the launch of Opportunity Hub, a first-of-its-kind open platform that enables businesses to integrate learning, coaching, volunteering, employee well-being platforms, and more into the talent marketplace platform experience. The new capability creates a single destination for employees to discover opportunities for growth while giving businesses unparalleled flexibility to build best-in-class employee experience programs.

With only 13% of employees fully satisfied with their experience at work, and voluntary turnover reaching record levels, businesses are confronting unprecedented financial and operational risks related to the workforce. 71% of CEOs believe that talent and skill shortages will disrupt their business in the year ahead.

To adapt, organizations are utilizing a growing variety of tools and systems to support their employees, resulting in the average enterprise now having over 70 employee experience apps to address the needs of the modern workforce. Gloat’s Opportunity Hub helps organizations create a unified and personalized destination for employees to access these resources and growth opportunities, accelerating the impact of each investment that businesses are making in their employees.

Today, we introduced the inaugural cohort of industry-leading Opportunity Hub partners: UdemyBetterUpUdacityCoachHubGooderaTorch, VolunteerMatch, Josh Bersin AcademyGo1Edcast, and Thrive.

70% of employees already believe talent marketplaces democratize access to talent and growth opportunities. Now, businesses can use this proven model to deliver developmental experiences from third-party sources through our platform. This will enable employees to discover and engage with all of these opportunities in the context of their own development goals and career growth opportunities, and use a myriad of opportunity types to bridge skill gaps, accelerate personal or professional growth, and contribute towards business priorities. Moreover, businesses will be able to harness more holistic insights into employee skills data and development needs to better serve their employees and their organizations.

“One of the most important factors in business success is employee experience,” said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst. “The Gloat Opportunity Hub will give employees an expansive set of new opportunities for development and growth by connecting third party solutions to the talent marketplace.”

“We always envisioned the talent marketplace as a tool for agency and choice,” said our CEO Ben Reuveni. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to employee development and growth, just as there is no single set of tools that is right for a particular organization. With Opportunity Hub, every business can customize their approach to the employee experience and provide every employee with more opportunities for meaningful growth.”

This launch represents a crucial step into powering our vision for the Anything Workforce. To learn more, request a demo below.

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