Reflecting on our rebrand journey

Connecting Our Story to Our Impact, With a Little Help From Our Friends

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By Danny Shteinberg, Chief Marketing and Chief Product Officer at Gloat

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world today, but one thing is clear: we’re moving fast. Not long ago, driving meaningful change took years. Now we’re seeing it done in months or even weeks.

This need for speed comes with new challenges. Traditionally, organizations were built for stability, not agility. Employees were given one title, performed one task, had one skillset, and reported to one boss. But now, businesses must be nimble, so that they can pivot to become anything.

This “anything” mindset is vital to achieve the agility that today’s world requires. Here at Gloat, we help bring businesses up to speed by unlocking their workforce’s full potential. Since change is needed now, more than ever, we decided it was time to switch up our own branding to reflect what we’re really about: powering agility by activating the Anything Workforce.

4 key lessons that have helped us achieve ‘anything’

As we all look towards the future, we can’t ignore the lessons we’ve learned from our past. When it comes to our brand update, we first took some time to reflect on the feedback we’ve received from our customers and our community of champions.

Now that it’s been more than a month since the big debut, I thought I’d share some of the lessons I’ve learned from our rebranding journey:

#1. Unleash the power of the individual

Our new brand needed to reflect our core belief that we’re all so much more than one thing. To tap into the full potential within every employee, we need to look beneath the surface to see what each and every individual is truly capable of.

To symbolize this sense of richness and complexity, we introduced the Gloat Force, which represents the power of the individual. We added talent particles, which depict the unique blend of skills, experiences, goals, and ambitions that we each bring to the table.

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#2. Don’t be afraid to be bold

Being bold has been part of our DNA from the very beginning. Changing the way the world works is an audacious goal, and we knew our brand needed to reflect our commitment to challenging the status quo.

We chose the tagline “the Anything Workforce” because we wanted to be disruptive and get people thinking about the limitless possibilities of our organizations and our people. Our new logo plays off the same idea by replacing hard lines with slanted letters and introducing an animated “g” that is completely fluid, symbolizing the agility enterprises can achieve when they remove the boxes and barriers that hold people back.

logo with guides 1

#3. Practice what you preach

While rebrands are often about changing how something looks, our own journey was anything but superficial. Instead, it was an opportunity to get everyone involved and spotlight the real faces of Gloat: our employees.

We started by organizing a professional photoshoot to make our teams the stars of our new website. Every Gloater was then given their own 3D Gloat Force rendering to recognize the unique impact they’ve made on our organization. Finally, we took over LinkedIn by showcasing our newly activated Gloat Force across everyone’s profiles, signifying what we can achieve when we bring our unique skills and experiences together.

We even have our own internal mobility story to tell from the rebrand: Gloater Maya was transitioning from a role in Customer Success to working in marketing full-time, and activating the Gloat Force across our entire LinkedIn community was her first project. She led it from start to finish in just a few days!

Gloat Force on Linkedin 2

#4. Celebrate the people behind your success

Change can be challenging, and rebranding is no exception. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the same faces you’ll now see spotlighted across our website. I’d like to extend a special thank you to Ruslan Tovbulatov, Eliana Kovalenko, Noy Ziv, Shiri Lalush, Dennis Williams, Adam Etzion, Maya Finkelstein, Omri Dvir, Michaela Shifman, Alex Mohammed, Brian Hershey, Yativ Evental, Omer Grinboim and the team Atreo who turned our vision into a bold new reality.

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