The 5 Pillars of Success for a Hybrid Work Organization:

Lessons from our Fireside Chat with Josh Bersin

Gloat Live Sessions has interfaced with some of the most transformative voices working in the talent innovation and HR technology field today. As we continue to better define the best practices of hybrid work, our roundtable discussion Going Hybrid with Josh Bersin proved to be an informative, thought-provoking conversation touching on some of the most pressing issues companies are facing post-pandemic.

The unique, key insights these HR pioneers were able to share are indispensable in understanding real world application of a talent marketplace. From career pathing and learning experiences to enabling cultural change, the following are the major highlights from this eye-opening discussion. 

Josh Bersin
Global Industry Analyst and Founder

Markus Graf
Global Head of Talent

Jean Pelletier
VP, Digital Talent Transformation

Keegan Bowman
AVP, Skills and Performance

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