Gloat Launches Skills Landscape to Help Companies Put Skills at the Center of Their Talent Strategies and Bridge the Gap Between Workforce Planning and Execution

Skills Landscape surfaces critical talent insights for leaders and gives employees a transparent, real-time view of how their skills compare to company expectations and market trends.

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New York – October 13, 2022 – Gloat, the global leader in Workforce Agility, today announced the launch of Skills Landscape, a powerful platform enhancement that enables organizations to upskill at speed and scale by giving every employee skill-based guidance on how to reach their career goals. As organizations make critical workforce decisions like establishing job requirements and identifying skill priorities, Skills Landscape captures and analyzes each decision and translates it into actionable recommendations for every employee — bridging the gap between workforce planning and execution. With a personalized view of how skills measure up to company expectations, market trends, and manager recommendations, employees gain visibility to action plans that account for both their career development and the business’s evolving needs.

Organizations are constantly seeking improved efficiency as they adapt to increasing, unpredictable market disruptions. Nearly nine out of 10 executives say skills are becoming more important for the way organizations are defining work, deploying talent, managing careers, and valuing employees—but no more than 30% are truly adopting skills-based approaches*. When planning processes are siloed from the employee experience, it makes it challenging for managers to take action. In parallel, employees are seeking a better understanding of how to steer their careers. According to a recent Gloat survey, 54% of employees report their current role doesn’t make good use of their skills, and over 63% would like to be considered for new and different career opportunities in their organization.

Skills Landscape is the first solution to align organizational and talent priorities. As organizations use Gloat’s award-winning Workforce Intelligence tools to identify and manage organizational planning and upskilling needs, Skills Landscape translates those decisions into action within Gloat’s market-leading Talent Marketplace, bringing these insights to life across the employee experience in key ways:

  • Setting Development Goals – Each employee will have access to a personalized Skills Landscape within the Development section of their Talent Marketplace. They will be able to benchmark their skills against their role, industry, and managerial expectations, receiving recommendations on how to adjust their development plans via upskilling tracks.
  • Career Planning – As employees explore different career paths and roles within their organization, they can view Skills Landscape to assess how their skills compare to the requirements of any open role in the organization, and see the next steps they can take to improve their qualifications for any role.
  • Team Management – With Skills Landscape activated in the “My Team” section of the Talent Marketplace, managers get a detailed view into the skill set of their team at the individual and team level. With these insights, they can then better understand the skill strengths and gaps across their team to inform upskilling and hiring needs.

“Predominant HR models separate the process of planning from implementation and adoption, making it a lengthy and arduous task to drive change at scale,” said Ayala Michelson, vice president of product and analytics at Gloat. “Skills Landscape renders an organization’s workforce in high definition, down to the last skill and competency of each employee. With access to such granular data and the ability to turn business priorities into actionable employee recommendations, businesses can quickly drive employee upskilling in a way that is connected to company goals, resources, and market conditions, at scale.”

Skills Landscape is powered by the rich data, insights, and artificial intelligence layer of Gloat’s platform. Fueled by billions of public and proprietary data points across the market, Skills Landscape takes the guesswork out of development, putting each employee at the helm of their careers with transparent data and insights on what’s needed to excel at their current role or in any future one.

To learn more about Skills Landscape, check out Gloat’s blog or head to their session, “How to Use Skills Intelligence to Transform Your Workforce,” at the Unleash World 2022 conference on Oct. 13.

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