Build a skills-based organization

Turn skills into a competitive advantage

As knowledge gaps widen and innovation accelerates, organizations are struggling to develop key competencies fast enough. Gloat provides full visibility into the supply and demand of skills to facilitate efficient talent upskilling decision-making.

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Skills visibility in high-res

If you’re unsure about current skill gaps, you’re not alone. 2 in 5 HR leaders acknowledge that they don’t know what competencies they have in their workforce. A full picture of your organization’s capabilities doesn’t just help reducing recruiting costs; it also empowers people to reach their full potential. Gloat equips you with unparalleled visibility so you can leverage every skill your talent has today and get strategic about what capabilities to prioritize next.

Skill landscape for IT department

Bridge present (and future) skills gaps

The most dangerous knowledge gaps aren’t the ones you know about; they’re the ones building under the surface. Our Workforce Insights provide in-depth analysis on the latest skills, job, and talent trends so you can identify where you’re likely to fall behind. By surfacing relevant market benchmarks, Gloat helps you visualize how your workforce stacks up against competitors and identify the differentiators that will set your organization apart.

From theoretical knowledge to hands-on expertise

Employees can learn from courses, but they grow through experiences. Gloat pairs content from the world’s leading learning and growth platforms with recommendations for projects, gigs, mentorships, and internal roles that target the skills your employees want to build—and the career paths they want to take. At the same time, the platform provides leaders with suggestions of promoted career paths and manager recommended roles so that the skills and roles your business needs most are visible and well-known to employees.

How skills visibility impacts your bottom line:

  • 80% of CEOs are concerned with talent availability
  • 2 in 5 HR leaders don’t know what skills they have in their workforce
  • 17% of leaders believe they can anticipate the skill their organization will need in the future

How skilling initiatives impact your bottom line:

  • 86% of CEOs reported that launching digital training and education programs led to improvements in employee engagement
  • 93% of CEOs who introduced upskilling programs saw an improvement in retention and productivity
  • By 2024, 40% of employees will require up to six months of reskilling
  • Most leaders agree that closing skills gaps in their company’s workforce has become a higher priority since the pandemic began

How our partners and customers are changing the game with their approach to skills

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The ultimate guide to the skills-based organization

The race to build skills is on. Countless surveys tell us that knowledge gaps are widening and that the only way to get ahead in the new world of work is by taking
action now.

More use cases

Build a skills-based

Turn skills into a competitive advantage with skills visibility and upskilling insights.

Grow and develop your people

Develop tomorrow's talent by putting your employees at the helm of their careers.

Replace silos with mobility

Unlock cross-functional collaboration and endless opportunities.

Enhance agility and speed to market

Outpace your competition with smart and at-scale talent redeployment.

Future-proof your workforce

Gain complete data visibility to prepare for the future and thrive through any disruptions.

Increase retention

Attract, uncover, develop, and retain top talent.

Create an inclusive workforce

Democratize access to opportunities and uncover hidden talent.

Reduce costs

Redeploy talent, lower hiring and retention costs, and ensure business continuity.

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Let's get acquainted

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