Why talent marketplaces are the answer to today’s retention crisis

What Fortune has to say about getting internal mobility right

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By Nicole Schreiber-Shearer, Future of Work Specialist at Gloat

In the midst of the Great Resignation, focusing on internal mobility is a logical solution. Instead of watching your best talent leave because they want to do something different, why not let them try something new within your organization? But while internal mobility has the potential to become a win-win for employees and businesses, many organizations are relying on strategies that miss the mark.

In the latest edition of Fortune’s The Modern Board newsletter, Aman Kidwai explores some of the challenges that are holding businesses back from unlocking the employee engagement benefits that internal mobility has to offer. Kidwai explains that talent hoarding amongst managers is often to blame, as are restrictive internal transfer policies that require employees to remain in a job for multiple years before seeking other opportunities internally.

So how can organizations revamp their strategies to capitalize on internal mobility’s retention-boosting potential? Since a lack of transparency and visibility are major inhibitors, Kidwai identifies digital solutions such as internal job boards and talent marketplaces as key resources to help companies make opportunities more well known across their organization. He points to Schneider Electric, and their use of an internal talent marketplace, as one example of a business that’s getting internal mobility right.

To find out more about their winning approach and learn what it takes to get everyone on board, check out the full write-up here.

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