Diversity & Inclusion

Democratize your workforce

Create a truly inclusive workforce with Gloat. Our platform is designed to democratize career development and mitigate bias by increasing visibility of opportunities and talent and bringing the two together using an ethically-constructed AI.


Not just for a
privileged few

With Gloat, new opportunities are open to everyone, equally.
In un-democratized workplaces, latent biases mean that members of under-represented groups rarely get the same career opportunities as their more privileged colleagues. The Talent Marketplace lets you level the playing field, and gives everyone – including those talented employees you might have missed – a truly fair shot, making new and diverse perspectives an integral part of your workforce.

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See your people for who they truly are

When Gloat increases workforce visibility, it goes both ways. We give managers a more complete view of their people and what they’re capable of, unhindered by biases or preconceptions, ensuring nobody’s being missed, from any perspective.

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The talent marketplace is an enormous opportunity for D&I. We’re creating an inclusive environment where we can get a diversity of thoughts from a variety of different people, and introduce them into the projects we run.

Watson Stewart

Head, Talent Solutions, Standard Chartered Bank

Bias-free AI

Gloat’s AI is designed to see people for their potential and capabilities, and not their race, gender, or background. Our platform has multiple safeties built in to ensure insights, suggestions, matches and recommendations are unhindered by systemic bias, as well as tools and dedicated datasets your company’s Diversity Officers can harness to ensure no one is being overlooked or underrepresented.

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Elevating D&I with tech: a CHRO’s Guide

Learn more about the ways in which AI, democratized workplaces and Talent Marketplaces are all coming together to steer the future of DEI.

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